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Khun Paen

'Khun-Paen' amulet was builded in 'Su-phan-bu-ri' province on 1491-1529 AD.Legend tells that KhunPaen was an apprentice of a monk named 'Acharn Kong' who was an expert in magic. He became very adept at making magic himself and was able to make himself unseen to enemies and turn the leaves of trees into stinging wasps to attack enemies as well. Such feats led to the King appointing him to the rank of 'Khun'(prince) and a military officer. KhunPaen Buddha amulets are believed to magically help with one's love life and protect owner and them business..

Luang Phor Nak

Luang Poo Nak of Wat Rakang .

Luang Phor Boon

Luang Poo Boon ...Wat Klang Bang Kaew

Luang Phor Woon

Luang Phor Woon of Wat TanGong In the Buddha life, beginning from birth to enlightenment to death is entwined with the scriptures based on his teachings and combination of all, they form the core of the Buddhism tradition.

The Buddha doctrine was not recorded during his lifetime but there are common key events that are reiterated through images, description paintings, carvings and sculpture. The life of the Buddha and his teachings spread through the sacred art of Thailand, a country globally well-known for its traditional and beautiful interpretation of Buddhist art.

We presenting Thai Buddha amulets, pendants, statues and other Buddhist holy items from various Thai Buddhist guru monks for various purposes such as: improvement of luck, fortune, relationship and ward off evil and other more. We offered genuine Thai amulets in good conditions.

Most of the amulets conditions are in Thai Buddha images competition standards, well preserved in good conditions. We also hope to shared more knowledge with Thai amulets enthusiasts and wearers from different region and hope the establishment of our website would be beneficial to all Thai amulets enthusiasts and wearers.

Biography:A highly respected and revered guru monk. Many people have related special occurrences whilst wearing amulets consecrated by this master. Amongst the most widely reported experiences are successful business dealings and improvement in inter-personal relationships. One of the most famous incidences related to a man who was robbed and shot with a revolver. All the ammunition pierced his outer garments but none penetrated his body. He was wearing an amulet by Luang Phor Unn at the time to which he he attributed his lucky escape. Luang Phor Unn is now quite elderly, and we hope to be able to visit and chat with him about his life very soon.

Luang Phor Mee

LP Mee of Wat Mun Wichai, Ayutthaya province was born in BE 2455. He was a disciple of the great guru monk - LP Chong of Wat Na TangNok, a temple very near to Wat Mun Wichai. LP Mee's amulets are known for there 'Metha Maha Li Om'. A well known account of Luang Phor Mee.
An Ajahn of Luang Phor Pern was assisting a villager who was under the influence of a black magic spell. As a consequence of his lack of experience and power the effects of that black magic were passed to the Ajarn. Luang Phor Pern himself could not exorcise the demonic forces and had to seek guidance from Luang Phor Mee at Wat MunWiChai. Lunag Phor Mee performed sacred rituals to remove the dark forces. During this process the Ajarn felt undecidedly uncomfortable and passed nails during a visit to the bathroom. He immediately knew that the effects of the spell had been lifted. It was apparant that Luang Phor Mee possessed the requisite high levels of wisdom and dharma, and that days events became widespread news.

Luang Phor Jong

LP JONG or nick name "Who Shorten Long Distance" . One of the top 10 great famous monks of the country is "LP JONG" of "Wat Na-Tang-Nok" Temple, BangSai district, Ayuthaya province. He was die on the Buddhist important " MaKhaBuCha day" of February 17th, B.E.2508, with the age of 93. LP JONG and LP Phan of Wat BangNomKho are close friends and respected high magic and meditation practices of each other. They had the same teachers viz LP Soon of Wat BangPlaMoh."LP Parn" of Wat BangNomKho admired "LP JONG" to all his disciples that he was like a gold monk statue, and that a monk of this kind one should never beg anything from him because he would give everything that was begged for. Whenever LP Phan performed any religious ritual at his temple, he would invite "LP JONG" to join. Once LP PHAN urged his close monk disciple to go by a motor boat to invite "LP JONG" to join a ritual , but"LP JONG" told the monk to go back in advance and he would go by himself later. As soon as the monk had come back and reported to LP Phan that "LP JONG" would come later, LP Phan laughed mildly and pointed to "LP JONG" who was sitting right there!! "LP JONG" created many kinds of amulets since the WW II, such as medals, small statues, ivory-tusk Rajasihas, metal Ta Pian fish , sacred jackets, etc. His amulets are very good for warding off dangers of all kinds, while his Ta Pian fish is good for fortune fetching.

Luang Phor Opasee

No one actually knew what year Luang Phor Opasee was born in, but it is believed to be around 1877 to 1887. Luang Phor Opasee was the eldest of eight siblings. He started his formal studies at the tender age of five and became a novice at Wat Tai when he was thirteen. His teacher, seeing talent in him, advised him to travel to the city to further his education. Luang Phor Opasee, heeding his teacher's advice, left for Wat Ta Poh and studied there for a short period of time before leaving for Bangkok to learn Pali. He then became a monk at Wat Bovornives. Luang Phor Opasee was keen on learning and therefore studied many different languages. He was soon able to speak English, Chinese, Tamil, Malay, Japanese and Pali and many other languages. He stunned many with his outstanding intelligence. Luang Phor Opasee was also a disciple of Luang Phor Kob Wat Tham Salika from Lopburi. Though they have never met before, it is believed that they communicated through meditation. When Luang Phor Opasee was about to reach the highest level of Dhamma, his behaviour started to change. He would stare at burning flames over a long period of time. Luang Phor Opasee observed all the precepts of a monk strictly. He never accepted anything that was offered to him. He would just burn them, saying that the things are just temptations and that they would lead to unhappiness and that fire could destroy this. There was once he nearly burned down the whole of Wat Bovornives. The villagers were unhappy with him. They were unsure as to why he was behaving like this and they soon concluded that he was insane. Fearing for him, Phra Sangharaj Chao told Luang Phor Opasee to leave Wat Bovornives. Ajahn Bao Er found a place at Wat Arsom Bang Mok for Luang Phor Opasee upon hearing that he was moving out. Many years later a chief monk in India came to know about Luang Phor Opasee. He sent a letter inviting Luang Phor Opasee to attend a conference held on the 28th of October 1955 in India. He had two disciples that were also invited to go along. Luang Phor Opasee was not able to make it on the 28th, but could only be there on the 31st. He then told his disciples to go over there first to inform them of his late arrival. On the 31st, many people were at the airport to see Luang Phor Opasee off, but he never showed up. Wondering why, they visited the temple only to find out that Luang Phor Opasee had passed away. At that time, his two disciples had met Luang Phor Opasee. They later received news that he had passed away but they thought it was impossible as Luang Phor Opasee was there at the conference interacting with Buddhist monks from other countries.

Luang Phor Tim

Luang Phor Tim was born in Ban Hua Tunnttabuon, Tambon Laharn, Ampher Bannkaii, Jungwat Rayong on the 16th June BE 2422 in the year of the Rabbit. He was named Tim, and his family name was Ngamsii. At the age of 17 his father, Kheh, sent to Tan Phor Singh to study, returning home at the age of 19 and was ordained as a monk at Wat Thatkaow on the 7th June BE 2499. He was ordained by Phrakru Kaow, Archan Singh and Archan Kehh and was given the religious name of Issaliko. After spending a year in Wat Thatkaow, he retreated in the forest for a period of three years, after which he went to Wat Narmathom in Chengwat Chonburi for two years. Luang Phor Tim learned Wijja (magic) with Ajahan Lod, Ajahn Lem and Ajahn Saii. He also studied with his Uncle Luang Phor Song Thao of Wat Kongchin. It was from this uncle that Luang phor Tim inherited a book of Wicha and Arkom. Luang Phor Tim became the Abbot of Wat Lahanrai where he was a strict and diligent practioner of the Dhamma. He was known to be a very good monk and possessed few worldly materials. In the hut where he stayed, he only had a pillow and a mat with no electricity. He lived a simple life. He passed away on the 18th October BE 2518 having spent 72 years in the Sangha.

Luang Phor Sangworasamanakij (Thim)

Luang Phor Sangworasamanakij (Tim)- Wat Phrahkao Brief Biogrpahy Luang Phor Tim is one of the top guru monks of the present era. He is well-known and popular for his knowledge in both Dharma and Visha (supernatural arts). There have been reports of miracles and beneficial experiences related to Luang Phor Tim and his amulets. He is now aged 86 but is still invited by other temples to participate in mass chanting ceremonies.Luang Phor Tim was born in March 1913 at Prakhao district, Pranakhoorn SriAyudhya Province. He was the fifth son of six children born to Mr Prom and Mrs Gim Chumchokdee. He was originally ordained a monk at Pikul Temple, Bangban district, Phranakhorn Sriayudhaya, the ceremony being officiated by Luang Phor Pui from Wat Kwid , Luang Phor Liu for Wat Pohkobchao and Abbot Liu from Wat Pikul.Due to personal reasons Luang Phor Tim requested permission from Abbot Liu to leave the priesthood. He returned again on the 14th April 1948 when he was ordained for a second time. The Reverend Udomsamacharn (Luang Phor Sang) from Namtao Temple was the officiator at his second ordination.Luang Phor Tim remained at Wat Piku after his ordination but finally moved in 1949 to Wat Prakhao. At that time, Master Ting Buddhasiri was the abbot.Luang Phor Tim studied diligently and was awarded the Buddhist Certificate of the highest level in 1957, where upon he was appointed as Abbot of Wat Prakhao in 1955. He was a virtuous and charitable monk and it was no surprise that he was rapidly promoted through the ranks, first as 'Dean of Namtao' district in 1967, then he was awarded the certificate of nomination as 'Third-Rank Master', bestowed by the King in 1969 and finally in 1977 as 'second -Rank master' under the name rakru Sangworasamanakij?BR>Amongst his many works, the Reverend Sangworasamanakij (Tim) was responsible for the complete re-development and restoration of Wat Prakhao.Renovated 9 monk dwellings in 1956-1957. Created a hall for praying in 1958. Changed roof tiles of the principal monastery from baked-clay tiles to ceramic tiles. Officiated in a religious ceremony to install the gable apex and the triangular end on the principal monastery roof, wall around the principal monastery, concrete and steel wall around the temple, and a shelter in front of the temple. Created a crematory. Renovated the religious education pavillion, created minor pavillions in the temple and changed tiles of every pavillion, created restroom for ladies and gents and also bathroom. Created a big concrete tank and pavillions. Created a concrete bridge from monk dwellings to the religious education pavillion. Changed roof tiles of the principal monastery from ceramic to tiles with design of goddesses with hands placed palm to palm (Thepanom). Created wall painting in the principal monastery to show the Lord Buddha stories and the tale of Pra Wejsandorn (the last incarnation of the Lord Buddha).

Luang Phor Thoe

"LP THOE" or his full name is " Pra Raht-Sang-Wa-Lah-Pi-Mon" of , Wat Pra-doo-chim-pee. He was born on 27 March 1887 at Bangkok province And he was die on 5 April 1981at the age of 93 years old. "LP THOE" was very popular and highly respected in Bangkok. Whenever there were any ceremony such chanting of amulets, celebration, fund raising etc, "LP THOE" would always be invited, because when people heard about LP THOE's name, they would come to support the ceremony as well. Beside the lay people, the present King RAMA9 of Thailand and the royal family respected "LP THOE" very much too. One can see from many photographs of the royal family had taken with "LP THOE". The most popular style from this batch is the " Pra Somdej KaToh" , which is very rare and expensive now. Since that time, "LP THOE" continue to chant many batches of amulets of many types, such as "PHA-PIT-TAH", Somdej , monk image and magic Coin . All "LP THOE" amulets are very well-proven to be able to protect people from accidents and hardship.

Sankaraj Pae

Somdej SANK-KA-RAJ PAE of Wat Suttat was borned during the King Rama 4 Period. He was borned on 12 November1856 and was die on 26 November 1944 at Wat Suttat at age of 89. When he was 13 years old, his father bought him to become a novice under Pra Somdej "Wan-na-Rat" of Wat Raat Boorana. During his novice days, he also learn dhamma from Ah Jahn Poh at Wat Torng Noppakun. In 1879, when Pra Somdej Wan Rat (Somboon) passed away of illness, Somdej Pra SANK-KA-RAJ went to be ordained under Pra Somdej Wan Rat (Daeng). Later on, he also learned magic from Pra Sangkarat (Sah) at Wat Raai Pradit. until he was Promoted to PraSANK-KA-RAJ or meaning the king of monk in thailand when Pra Sangkarat (Jow) passed away on 15 Nov1938.

Luang Phor Luesi Lingdam

LP Luesie Lingdam was a high ranking monk. His full temple name is Phra RajPhromYarn. LP Luesi Lingdam was a close disciple of LP Parn, Wat BangNomkho and was ordained by LP Parn in B.E. 2480. He had studied so many Buddhakom and ultra Dhamma practices from his teacher, and later became the Abbot of Wat BangNomkho during B.E. 2492-2500. The LP was always in Charn ( highly meditative ) state, his six senses fully opened all the time. He had magic eyes & ears that could see and hear what ordinary people could not. He could foresee future events correctly. He learned Supra Dhamma directly from Lord Buddha by meditating deeply and making out-of-bodying to Nipphan celestial where Lord Buddha present. He created various amulets with the guidance of Lord Buddha. LP Luesie Lingdam had made Dhamma journey to upper provinces for a long years and later settled at the nearly deserted Wat Thasung, Uthai Thani, in B.E.2511. The great LP later became the Abbot of Wat Thasung and led people to help construct the temple successfully. The temple has now a religious property asset value of nearly 1 billion Baht. LP Luesi Lingdam passed away in B.E. 2535 at the age of 75. His body is immortal-- undecayed.

Luang Phor Suk

Luang Poo Suk Gesaroh Wat Makhamtow passed away on 21st January BE2466 at the age of 76.Pra Kru WiMonKuNaGon or Luang Poo Suk GeSaRoh was borned at Moo Bahn Pahk Klorng MaKhamTow, Ampher WatSing, Jangwat ChaaiNaht. His father was named Nuam and mother was Torng Dee. He was borned on 14th October BE2390 during the 4th King Regime. When Luang Poo Suk was 10 years old, his mother sent him to GrungTep(Bangkok) to be raised by his uncle. Luang Poo Suk remained in GrungTep until he got married to a very beautiful woman who bored him a son. When Luang Poo Suk reached the age for ordain, he went to Wat PohTorngLahng and was ordained as a monk. His preceptor was Pra UPaChaYaCui JanNaTaSiRi. His ordain's name was called GeSaRoh. Luang Poo Suk studied Dhamma and Sammahdti at Wat PohTorngLahng until he was ready to go Tudung. He met many teachers during his Tudung and he learned Wichah(magic) from them. One of the teachers who taught him Wichah was Pra Ah Jahn ThumWuaDaeng. Pra Ah Jahn ThumWuaDaeng was also the teacher who has ever taught Luang Por Ngern Wat Bahng Klahn Jangwat PiJit, who was famous for his Pra Pidtah Pim Khee Dtah. Luang Poo Suk went back to his hometown after many years in Tudung. His parents who has waited many years for his return, asked Luang Poo Suk to remain at Pahk Klorng MaKhamTow. Luang Poo Suk obeyed his parents and stayed at Pahk Klorng MaKhamTow until he became the abbot of the village's temple; Wat Pahk Klorng MaKhamTow. Luang Poo Suk rebuilt Wat Pahk Klorng MaKhamTow, from a small village temple to a large and beautiful temple. Luang Poo Suk has many disciples, both ordained and lay disciples. One of his lay disciple who was very close to Luang Poo Suk was GromLuangChumPron KhetUDomSak who was the son of the 4th King. Luang Poo Suk taught him everything he knew about Dhamma and Wichah. Luang Poo Suk was very famous for his Wichah. One of his abilties was that he could change the sizes and shapes of an object. There was one day, an large group of merchants, stopped by at Wat Pahk Klorng MaKhamTow to rest. During those days, merchants used elephants as a mean of transport as well as to carry their goods. While the merchants wanted to cook their meals at the temple, but realised that they did not bring along enough meat. Some of the villagers, jokingly asked them why don't they use their rifles to shoot at the pigeons at the temple, so that they could have pigeon meat for their dinner. One of the merchants took the joke seriously, and started to fire his rifle at the pigeon, but the rifle failed to fire. The villagers stopped him, and told him that Luang Poo Suk prohibit anyone to kill living things in the temple. That merchant refused to listen and seeing that the rifle failed to fire, he raised his cross-bow and fire the arrow at the pigeon. The arrow flied off, but dropped at a short distance, without hitting the pigeon. This merchant became very angry and started to shout: "The abbot of this temple has what great power?" Luang Poo Suk as if he could hear the merchant from his KuTi(hut) far away, he came out from his kuti with hands carrying an empty coconut husk. Luang Poo Suk went to the gazing field. He chanted a certain kathah on to the coconut husk, and then point towards the direction where the merchants' elephants were gazing. Miraculously, the elephants were reduced into houseflies and Luang Poo Suk covered the houseflies with the empty coconut husk. The next morning, when the merchants were to set off their journey, they could not find their elephants. They quckly went to Luang Poo Suk and told him that their elephants have been stolen. Luang Poo Suk preached them precept of not killing of living beings: "If you kill a living being, the living being will feel pain. This is similar to the pain of losing your elephants." Luang Poo Suk taught them the Dhamma and asked them to practise good deeds instead of bad deeds. The merchant then realised that it was Luang Poo Suk who was behind the strange happenings the previous day. Luang Poo Suk led them out from his Kuti and went to the gazing field. Luang Poo Suk chanted a kathah and removed the coconut husk and the houseflies turned into elephant one more time. This ability to change objects into different sizes and shapes was one of Luang Poo Suk Wichah. He has never taught any person this Wichah, except GromLuangChumPron, his favourite lay disciple and GromLuangChumPron has never taught anyone until he passed away on the same year as Luang Poo Suk.

Luang Phor Aiem

LP AIEM of Wat Nang, Bangkok.
he was borned in Bangkok on the 5 August 1832 and he was dieon 29 April 1926 at his age of 94 years.

"LP AIEM" or his nick name " Jow Koon Thow" is a very famous monk in Thailand, especially to those who like to collect his magical items and Coin amulets. his coin are the top amulet in the series "Great Five" coin of thailand.

At the age of 19, "LP AIEM" was ordained as a novice at Wat Nang for a short period. and after 16 years of ordained. The King RAMA5 bestowed the "LP AIEM" to became the abbot of "Wat Nang. "LP AIEM" was a monk who has observed the precepts of a monk strictly. Many people respected "LP AIEM" , and his metta travelled both far and near, such that many people would bring their children to be ordained under "LP AIEM" .

The King RAMA5 was one who respected"LP AIEM" very much and treated "LP AIEM" as his teacher. "LP AIEM" was has ever teached the 5th King a special praying for Loving-Kindness and his magic meditation.

Kruba Srivichai

KUBA SRI-VI-CHAI of Wat Bahn Phang. He was born on 11 September1878 at LUMPOON province, North Thailand. On that day, there was a thunderstorm with lightning. When "KUBA SRI-VI-CHAI" was born, the sky suddenly turned clear and sunny. After became a monk for 11 years (BE2450), Buddhism was gaining more popularity in Thailand and many people became monks. The government established some rules to control the people becoming monks. One of the rules was that, whoever wanted to ordain, had to apply for permit from the province head. Many people in Bahn Pahng wanted to ordain as monk under Phra Krubah Seewichai. Phra Krubah Seewichai applied the permit for them to be ordained. However, after waiting for a few months, there was no reply from the province head. Phra Krubah Seewichai, felt that as long as the parents of the person had given permission for his son to be ordained, it was alright to ordain him even there was no permission from the province head. He went ahead and ordained many people in the village without permission. The province head came to know and was very furious, saying that Phra Krubah Seewichai was arrogant and did not respect authority. Phra Krubah Seewichai explained to the province head, and finally forgiven. However since that time, Phra Krubah Seewichai had to asked for permit for people to be ordained as monks frequently as there were many people wanted to be ordained under him. "KUBA SRI-VI-CHAI" was unable to attend meetings held by the Buddhist Council, because he had spent most of his time practicing Sammahdti. This caused the head of the Buddhist Council in Lampoon very angry and punished "KUBA SRI-VI-CHAI" by sending him to become a normal monk in Wat Pratahirikonchai thus stripping him of his abbot appointment in Wat Bahn Pahng. "KUBA SRI-VI-CHAI" accepted the punishment without questions and stayed in Wat Pratahirikonchai, practising Sammahdti and never left the temple for one year.On the day, he went to Bangkok, there was a huge crowd to send him off. When he reached Bangkok, he stayed in Wat Benjamabopit. The King of thai monk asked him about the whole issue, and found that there was no faults committed by "KUBA SRI-VI-CHAI" .The King of thai monk allowed Phra Krubah Seewichai to return and stay in any temples in Lampoon as he wished.

Luang Phor Derm

"Monk Derm" was born on year 1860 and die on year1951. He was a very compassionate monk. he had helped built a lot of temples not only in Na-khon-Sa-wan Province but also in nearby provinces. His great work had gained the hearts and respect from people throughout Thailand. During Monk Derm's time, there were very few roads and people had to walk through thick woods or forests to go from one place to another. They were not only afraid of the wild animals living in the forest, but also the unknown, such as evil spirits and black magic which were more fearsome than anything else. So bigger His amulet were specially made for this purpose and these were very popular. But now times have changed and people would prefer to carry a smaller one as it could be kept in the pocket or worn like a pen (see picture below). Never the less, the big ones are still very popular among the exorcist monks and witch doctors. It is believed that this magical of "Monk DERM" with the power of Protection, Exorcism, Victory, Defeating negative forces such as black magic, Courage And Confidence

Luang Phor Ngern

"Monk NGERN" was name "NGERN" or meaning Money. He was born on Friday 16-sep-1810 at Pi-Jit province,Thailand.He was entered the monk priesthood since age is 12 years. Until years 1837 he want to built new temple in his village and on next years he starting to build "Wat BANG-KLAN" temple for spreading the Buddhism. He die on years 1919 when he is 109 years Old.Monk Ngern is in a top 5 famous monk of thailand. All of his amulet was have many good experience!!! His amulet was started build on he 60 years old . All items was bless long time by himself. The famous Amulet of Monk NGERN is "Loop Lor" or meaning small Bronze figure , "Jobe" or meaning Bronze Coin, some of his amulet was put in stupa of many temples until now. His amulet "Loop Lor" have 2 series called "Pim Ni-Yom" and "Pim Ki-Ta" , "Jobe Coin " also have 2 series that is "Pim Yai (Big size)" and "Pim Lak (small size)And after he die every years this "Wat BANG-KLAN" temple will replica his amulet and invite famous monk around thailand that time to blessed an amulet. now that have famous replica is series 2515(build on year 1972), series2525(build on year 1982) ,series2535(build on year 1992), series "Fa-Kum-Lon"(build on year 1983) and series "Peen Tak"(build on year 1985)