Friday, 28 March 2008

Luang Phor Sangworasamanakij (Thim)

Luang Phor Sangworasamanakij (Tim)- Wat Phrahkao Brief Biogrpahy Luang Phor Tim is one of the top guru monks of the present era. He is well-known and popular for his knowledge in both Dharma and Visha (supernatural arts). There have been reports of miracles and beneficial experiences related to Luang Phor Tim and his amulets. He is now aged 86 but is still invited by other temples to participate in mass chanting ceremonies.Luang Phor Tim was born in March 1913 at Prakhao district, Pranakhoorn SriAyudhya Province. He was the fifth son of six children born to Mr Prom and Mrs Gim Chumchokdee. He was originally ordained a monk at Pikul Temple, Bangban district, Phranakhorn Sriayudhaya, the ceremony being officiated by Luang Phor Pui from Wat Kwid , Luang Phor Liu for Wat Pohkobchao and Abbot Liu from Wat Pikul.Due to personal reasons Luang Phor Tim requested permission from Abbot Liu to leave the priesthood. He returned again on the 14th April 1948 when he was ordained for a second time. The Reverend Udomsamacharn (Luang Phor Sang) from Namtao Temple was the officiator at his second ordination.Luang Phor Tim remained at Wat Piku after his ordination but finally moved in 1949 to Wat Prakhao. At that time, Master Ting Buddhasiri was the abbot.Luang Phor Tim studied diligently and was awarded the Buddhist Certificate of the highest level in 1957, where upon he was appointed as Abbot of Wat Prakhao in 1955. He was a virtuous and charitable monk and it was no surprise that he was rapidly promoted through the ranks, first as 'Dean of Namtao' district in 1967, then he was awarded the certificate of nomination as 'Third-Rank Master', bestowed by the King in 1969 and finally in 1977 as 'second -Rank master' under the name rakru Sangworasamanakij?BR>Amongst his many works, the Reverend Sangworasamanakij (Tim) was responsible for the complete re-development and restoration of Wat Prakhao.Renovated 9 monk dwellings in 1956-1957. Created a hall for praying in 1958. Changed roof tiles of the principal monastery from baked-clay tiles to ceramic tiles. Officiated in a religious ceremony to install the gable apex and the triangular end on the principal monastery roof, wall around the principal monastery, concrete and steel wall around the temple, and a shelter in front of the temple. Created a crematory. Renovated the religious education pavillion, created minor pavillions in the temple and changed tiles of every pavillion, created restroom for ladies and gents and also bathroom. Created a big concrete tank and pavillions. Created a concrete bridge from monk dwellings to the religious education pavillion. Changed roof tiles of the principal monastery from ceramic to tiles with design of goddesses with hands placed palm to palm (Thepanom). Created wall painting in the principal monastery to show the Lord Buddha stories and the tale of Pra Wejsandorn (the last incarnation of the Lord Buddha).