Friday, 19 November 2010

Achan Fan's Rian of Achan Mun 2514

Here , After of Introduction of his Biography of Achan Fan Wat Pa Udom SamporN..
I will Introduce a Rian made by Achan Fan at BE2514.

The Person in the Rian is . Named , Achan Mun Wat Pa suthawas , SakonNakon.

Achan Fan's Master A.k.a Teacher Guru Achan Mun.

However I dont see much People Collecting his amulet in the market .
But I belieave one days , people will realize his amulets are good .
Seems nowadays people are trying to grab who others wanna grabbed.
To making the price higher in the market . So What is your Next move ?

Achan Fan Acharo Dhammayutika monk

1 of the best Dhammayutika monk (forrest monk) all the time.

Phra Achan Fan Acharo, a Dhammayutika monk, was born in 1899 in Amphoe Phanna Nikhom. His father Chao Chaikumara was a descendant of the town ruler of Phanna Nikhom. In his youth, Phra Achan Fan was gentle, calm, hard-working and helpful.

Fan started his schooling at Wat Bo Chai. He was so keen and reliable that sometimes he was a substitute teacher when the teacher was on an errand. Later, he studied with his brother-in-law in Khon Khaen and upon finishing his schooling he intended to enter civil service. However, he changed his mind because at one time he had been asked to bring food to convicts, one of whom was the governor of Khon Khaen. The living conditions of the governor and other convicts made him realise the uncertainty of life.

Fan entered the monkhood when he was 20. he was able to recite long readings and practiced meditation. After the end of the rains-retreat, he wandered forth into forests and cemeteries to seek seclusion.

In 1920, Fan attended sermons expounded by Phra Achan Man Bhuritatto. He then gained delight and confidence and became one of Man’s disciples, wandering with the master to remote areas all over the region. Later in 1925, he became a Dhammayutika monk and continued to wander to seek a seclusive place to practice meditation. When he returned home, he stayed in a cemetery which is now Wat Pa Udom Somporn.

From 1956 to 1963, he wandered back and forth between Wat Pa Tham Kham, Wat Pa Udom Somporn and Wat Pa Phuthon. Whenever he stayed, he developed the temples and the nearby communities as well. Because of old age and overwork, he became ill quite often and his health deteriorated. On January 4, 1977, he died at Wat Pa Udom Somporn.

Phra Achan Fan Acharo was not only a noble monk who devoted himself to the ascetic life but also a leader in rural development. He founded and developed various temples, for example, Wat Pa Saddharam in Nakhon Ratchasima, Wat Pa Yodhaphrasit in Surin, Wat Pa Phudhonphitak and Tham Kham monks’ lodgings in Phanna Nikhom, Sakon Nakhon.

Phra Achan Fan had many village-to-village roads built, bridges constructed and ponds dug for villagers. He also built a residence for monks at Sakon Nakhon Hospital. Moreover, he had a 30-bed hospital built for the people of Phanna Nikhom and it is named after him.

Luang Phor Pherm Rian 2553 Soaha - Hand Jant

Luang Phor Pherm Wat Phong Kaew.
Rian's Material made of Samrit.
Years of Made 2553 Saoha batch.
My friend went to the temple personally and get the hand jant/yant on top of the Rian.
That is not a scartches on top of the front surface so please do not make mistake.
That the ORIGINAL Jant by Luang Phor Pherm.

Sharing Some news Amulet , What ours next Collection will be ?

阿贊仲 - Achan Chum Sivali 2511/13

Phra Siwalee Khao Orr chanting ceremony B.E.2511 at Wat Tham Khao Nguern, Chormporn.

Mixture of assorted kind of Wan that provide Luck and Attractiveness...
- Wan Setthi
- Wan Mahasetthi
- Wan Nguen
- Wan Thongkam,
- Wan Khorlurp
- Wan Kor Nguen
- Wan Kor Thong
- Wan Nangkwack
- Wan Nang Lom
- Wan Nang Kum
- Wan Phra nang Makawadi
- Wan Poi Sia
- Wan Poi Tan
- Wan Sanaychanhom Daeng
- Wan Sanaychanhom Khao
- Wan Kumarnthong
- Wan Mae Klom Look
- Yod Rak, Yod Sawat, Yod Kaloang,
- Wan Ittije Powder
- Na Pathamung Powder
- 9 of Pinnacle clay soilwith good names
- 9 of Molehill soil, fragrant flowers and Sandal.

This event Khun Pan has gathered Best of Southern Keji Monks and Khao Orr students, chanted by Khao-Orr's tradition ceremony.

Best Keji includes..
- Phra Archan Num ( Wat Donsala )
- Luang Phor Khong ( Wat Bahnsuan ),
- Phra Archan Pal ( Wat Khao Orr),
- Luang Phor Mun ( Wat Khao Daeng )
- and Archan Chum ChaiKhiri.

*(Years later, Archan Chum has brought this same batch of amulets to Re-chanted them once again at Ubosoth of Wat Chamni Hattakarn temple, Bangkok, in Year B.E.2515, this time Luangphor Khong Wat Bahnsuan with other best Southern Keji monks total of 9 together with Keji Monks from middle part of Thailand, Luang Pu Toh - Wat Pradoochimplee, Luangphor Ngern Wat DonYaihom and other great monks also join the Mass ceremony).