Friday, 28 March 2008

Luang Phor Aiem

LP AIEM of Wat Nang, Bangkok.
he was borned in Bangkok on the 5 August 1832 and he was dieon 29 April 1926 at his age of 94 years.

"LP AIEM" or his nick name " Jow Koon Thow" is a very famous monk in Thailand, especially to those who like to collect his magical items and Coin amulets. his coin are the top amulet in the series "Great Five" coin of thailand.

At the age of 19, "LP AIEM" was ordained as a novice at Wat Nang for a short period. and after 16 years of ordained. The King RAMA5 bestowed the "LP AIEM" to became the abbot of "Wat Nang. "LP AIEM" was a monk who has observed the precepts of a monk strictly. Many people respected "LP AIEM" , and his metta travelled both far and near, such that many people would bring their children to be ordained under "LP AIEM" .

The King RAMA5 was one who respected"LP AIEM" very much and treated "LP AIEM" as his teacher. "LP AIEM" was has ever teached the 5th King a special praying for Loving-Kindness and his magic meditation.