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Luang Phor Toh's Yant Duang Lek

Luang Phu Toh Wat Pradoochimplee .
Yant Duang Lek is one of the Famous Pidta from Luang Phu Toh .

Phra Pidta Yant Duang Lek, Nur Phong Bailan, B.E.2521-2523 (51,174 pcs)

Luang Phor Toh's Metta Mahasaneh Pidta.

Luang Phu Toh Wat Pradoochimplee .
Mahasaneh batch is one of the Famous Pidta from Luang Phu Toh .

Phra Pidta Metta Mahasaneh, Nur Phong Kesorn, B.E.2518 (33,000 pcs)

Luang Phor Toh's LangTau Pidta.

Luang Phu Toh Wat Pradoochimplee .
Langtau is one of the Famous Pidta from Luang Phu Toh .

Phra Pidta Lang Tau, Nur Phong Bailan, B.E.2521 (900 pcs)

Luang Phor Toh's Kanokang 2 Takrut

Luang Phu Toh Wat Pradoochimplee .
Kanokang is one of the Famous Pidta from Luang Phu Toh .
Phra Pidta Kanok Kang, Nur Phong Bailan, B.E.2522 (less than 4,000 pcs with 2 takrut)

Luang Phor Pleung Takrut

Luang Phor Pleung Takrut , Which are Age 107 in BE 2551 .
This is a Takrut which are helping the Protection and Klaewklad (avoid dangerous)

If im not mistaken , he is one of the Luang Phor Deom's Disciple .

Luang Phor Pian's Takrut

Luang Phor Pian Wat Kern Kathin .
His is one of the "HOT" monk currently , making quite along of different takrut , meed moh and amulet for the worshippers.

This takrut a Tiger skin made . Its can help to Avoid dangerous , Avoid Evil and Safety Protection. ITs look nice and gorgeous from the case , origin from the temple by hand yant of Luang Phor Pian .

Luang Phor Cher a.k.a (Jer) 's Takrut

Luang Phor Cher a.k.a Luang Phor Jer from Wat Klang Bang Kaew.
1 of the famous Temple located in Nakorn Rachaseema .

Here is the New Takrut from Luang Phor Cher .
Its should be helping on Protection and safety purpose.
Wat Klang Bang Kaew are famous in many type of amulet , one of the kruelang (BIAGAE )
from the master of Luang Phor Boon and Luang Phor Pherm are also from Wat klang bang kaew.
The Katha Below.
Na Mo Tassa Bagawato Arahato Samma Sambhudhasa (x3)

Luang Phor Sai's Takrut

Luang Phor Sai Wat Don Kratai Thong .
This Takrut are made by Bailarn material . So far as i know many of the amulet made by bailarn are for KongKaParn or maybe Protection . However, my friend help me get this pcs . He told me is for relationship maybe is both , no idea .. but however is help in whateva i believe haha..
Good luck on Collection.

Luang Phor Kalong's Takrut Chang Pasom Klong

Luang Phor Kalong Chang Pasom Klong Takrut.
Chang = elephant
Pasom = have sex
Klong =all member
2550 - (chanted 2 years - powerful relationship) lovely and charming
Inside have 3 x 3 inches yant pad and made by wahn.
Which i have 2 friend told me it can deep inside the water and chant and let the other or enemy to drink . it gave good relationship and persuade the enemy to friend haha...
Wonderful Pcs of Takrut from Luang Phor Kalong..xD
The Katha for Chang Pasom Klong Takrut.

Namo tassa bagawato arahato sammasambhuddhasa (X3)
It Thee Yo Ta ru no cha to , a hi me wa sa ma ka ma (X3)
ma ar u metta , cha ma ha racah , sap pa sa ne ha .
ta ma chit tank , pi yank ma ma , sap pa suk kank .
cha ma ha la pank , sap pa kro tank , wi nas san ti .
ka ro ho ti sam pa wo (X7).

Luang Phor Kalong's Jakarad Narai Takrut

Luang Phor Kalong's Takrut .
Jakarad Narai 6 "inches can u believe.....
Jakarad = Emperor
Narai = The one who created the World.
Which i have told that kalong are one of the metta takrut created .
I believe this is a very powerful because it have many jant yant on top . haha =D
Crazy ya ?

Luang Phor Yam's Takrut

Luang Phor Yam Wat Sam Ngarn .
This Takrut are from Luang Phor Yaem Chanted .
There is a Serial number for the 1st Line , 2nd line will be the Temple Code.
2nd Photo are showing the numbering
1st ) 20.
2nd ) 806.
This are Look nice and good on relationship and protection.
It come with a little small Phayant -pad . with gumanthong and yant chop at back.
The Katha Below :
Namo Tassa Bagawato Arahato Samma Sambhudassa (x3)
Na Out , Na Add , Na Ka KA Yad , OuD Tank add Toe .
Tho Oud , Tank Add, Na MA Ar U , Is Sa Wa Su .
Na u Ta , Ar U tank , Pra Ar Ra Hank Oud.

Ajahn Yos Wat Pa Konglarn.

Ajahn Yos Wat Pa konglarn ( Luang Phor Yos ).
This Ajahn are doing more to Black magic amulet.
His Takrut are for Relationship and Charming purpose.
4 inches Long.. quite a big Takrut to use .. better just hang around the beg or wear in pocket.
The Katha for "Kumanthong Riak Sam Maha Heng)

Namo tassa bagawato arahato samma sambhudassa (x3)
nama pata , kumara , kumaree
how satank , luak jai kerd choke , ja pa ka sa (x3)

Luang Phor Sakorn's Wat NongKrub Takrut

This batch is the Luang Phor Sakorn 's Mahajone batchs.
What mean Maha jone?
Maha = great
Jone = Robber
it come with the Prai Kumarn powder a.k.a (Phong Prai Kumarn)
Good for fortune , Money and Relationship .

One of a cheap and good takrut currently.
The Katha Below:
Namo Tassa Bagawato Arahato Samma Sambhudhassa (x 3 )
Na Mo Put Tha Ua , Ma Pa Tha Na , Pa Ka Sa Cha . Na Ma Ar U.
I Da Wi Ti , IS Sa Wa Su , Na Ar Ka Ang.

Luang Phor Chorb 1st Batch Takrut Tiger Skin

Luang Phor Chorb Wat Sawang Arom
"Payak Carat Karb Sub" 1st Batch Trimas 2551 (chanted for 3 month)
Good for Avoding evil, Dangerous , Safety purpose and protection aswell.
Made by Tigerskin and original case from temple and temple case

Krooba Kritsana's Takrut (Silver)

Kruba Kritsana Intowanno Wat Pa Mahawan
This Takrut are using a silver Yant Pad to made .
The Origin from the temple come with this Takrut Casing .
Which i have Bought it and it told me should be 2547 if im not mistaken.
Just from a shop which my friend went to , and all selling about Kruba Kritsana item.

Anyone who really know the year of made please let me know in email :

This is for relationship , business Attracting , Fortune and luck.

Luang Phor Goy Wat Kaew DinTai

Luang Phor Goy Wat Kao Din Tai
sorry for the temple spelling almost all the same pronouns, but im trying to put different.
its because easier for ppl to know they are the same temple as well.

From the Seller who told .
This pcs is very good of relationship as known as (METTA in thai)
He told me that Its can Persuade the Enemy to Friend..
if u have many enemy i think u have to take a try then .. haha~..
Katha for Takrut " Sakord Chit Don Jai Korn"
Namo Tassa Bagawato Arahato SammaSambhudassa (x3)
Put tank , Rat Ta nank , Tham Mank Rat Ta Nank.
Sank Kank Rat Ta nank , Na Pook , Mo mad .
Rut Rad , Tha Trueng , Ya krueng Ka re , Ohm sa wa ha

Luang Phor Chaem Wat Takong Gumantong

Luang Phor Chaem Wat Takong is the Master of Luang Phor Tae Wat Sam Ngarn Abbot.
This Piece of Gumantong "sucking finger " is for Looking money .
Made by hand and materila full Silver , Competition on this Year get 2nd prize.
one of a Beloved pcs from 248X years.

Nice and Quantity is no more than 800 pcs Rare and nice .

(Katha KMT LPChaem)

Namo Tassa Bagawato Arahato Samma Sam Buddha Sa (3x)

"Ku ma rang na Ku ma ree nang au ti au ni na aung ei thi put tho"

"Ae hi jit thang ku ma ro wa pi yang ma ma" (3x)