Friday, 28 March 2008

Luang Phor Ngern

"Monk NGERN" was name "NGERN" or meaning Money. He was born on Friday 16-sep-1810 at Pi-Jit province,Thailand.He was entered the monk priesthood since age is 12 years. Until years 1837 he want to built new temple in his village and on next years he starting to build "Wat BANG-KLAN" temple for spreading the Buddhism. He die on years 1919 when he is 109 years Old.Monk Ngern is in a top 5 famous monk of thailand. All of his amulet was have many good experience!!! His amulet was started build on he 60 years old . All items was bless long time by himself. The famous Amulet of Monk NGERN is "Loop Lor" or meaning small Bronze figure , "Jobe" or meaning Bronze Coin, some of his amulet was put in stupa of many temples until now. His amulet "Loop Lor" have 2 series called "Pim Ni-Yom" and "Pim Ki-Ta" , "Jobe Coin " also have 2 series that is "Pim Yai (Big size)" and "Pim Lak (small size)And after he die every years this "Wat BANG-KLAN" temple will replica his amulet and invite famous monk around thailand that time to blessed an amulet. now that have famous replica is series 2515(build on year 1972), series2525(build on year 1982) ,series2535(build on year 1992), series "Fa-Kum-Lon"(build on year 1983) and series "Peen Tak"(build on year 1985)