Friday, 28 March 2008

Luang Phor Thoe

"LP THOE" or his full name is " Pra Raht-Sang-Wa-Lah-Pi-Mon" of , Wat Pra-doo-chim-pee. He was born on 27 March 1887 at Bangkok province And he was die on 5 April 1981at the age of 93 years old. "LP THOE" was very popular and highly respected in Bangkok. Whenever there were any ceremony such chanting of amulets, celebration, fund raising etc, "LP THOE" would always be invited, because when people heard about LP THOE's name, they would come to support the ceremony as well. Beside the lay people, the present King RAMA9 of Thailand and the royal family respected "LP THOE" very much too. One can see from many photographs of the royal family had taken with "LP THOE". The most popular style from this batch is the " Pra Somdej KaToh" , which is very rare and expensive now. Since that time, "LP THOE" continue to chant many batches of amulets of many types, such as "PHA-PIT-TAH", Somdej , monk image and magic Coin . All "LP THOE" amulets are very well-proven to be able to protect people from accidents and hardship.