Monday, 13 December 2010

Sangkajai Wat Prasart 2506

Advise :
I saw website and People Saying around.....
2506 More white more Ajahn Toh Wat Rakhang Powder
2506 More Black more Ajhan Tim Wat Chang Hai Powder
or whatever so call ...
Please Ignore This because..It should be Mix with hundred of material .
In history already each monk bring some material for the 2506 Mass chanted Wat Prasart.
So The Percentage of getting all monk Material into one is impossible .
Please Do not get yourself Mistakenly by Words.
Only Genuine will do cause it Chanted .

This Pieces of Sankajai is the First ever i kept in my years collection .
Very Pretty and Attach with Thailand Buddha Image Admiration Association's Certificate.
Im Waiting for 2011 GO FOR COMPETITION !!!

My Other amulets will slowly post ..Im very busy on working .
Will Take Times to Amulet Collector to have fun in here .
Cheers . Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu

Issue Temple:
Wat Prasat Boon Ya wart or Wat Prasart Boonya Was.
I Used to Call it Wat Prasart 2506 or Wat Prasart Boonya 2506

Consecration Made:
2506 (1963)
Totally 2 times;
(1) 6th – 9th March 1963, there were well-known 234 Luang pos coming to chant, fully 4 days 4 nights.
(2) 13th – 15th November 1963, there were well known 108 Luang pos coming to consecrate, fully 3 days 3 nights.

Production objective:
Rebuild temple, store amulets into Chedi and give away to people who join the amulet consecration ceremony.

Main materials mixed in the Wat Phra Sart Boon Ya Wart’s amulets :
1. Wat Rakhang Somdej Power (consecrated by Somdej Toh of Wat Rakhang)
2. Broken-piece of Somdej Bang Khun Prom
3. Chanted powder by Phor Sodh of Wat Pak Nam, Bangkok
4. Loop om (holy ball) consecrated by Luang Phor Nim of Wat Noi, Supanbuiri. (His amulets are also in list of top amulet from Supanburi province, land of Baan Krang Kun Pane amulet)
5. Broken-piece of Somdej Wat Plub (One of the top Somdejs in Thailand)
6. Holy soils from the birth place of Lord Buddha.
7. Holy soil from Wat Chang Hai, Pattani province
8. 109 holy herbs throughout Thailand
9. Lek Lai powder given by Luang Phor Sorn of Wat Tung Sa Wang Serng Sang, Nakonratchasrima pronvice. (One of the top Luang Phors from North East area at that time)
10. Broken-piece Somdej of Wat Sam Pherm, Bangkok (one of the top Somdejs in Bangkok)
11. Left-over powder from Somdej Pao amulets BE2495 (I'll Bring In and Show the Collectors)
12. Broken-piece Luang Phu Thuad BE 2497 (Ajahn Tim Wat chang hai)
13. Broken-piece of Phra Kru from Lampoon province (one of the tops amulet from Northern part of Thailand)
14. Holy & black soil as main material to make 1st Luang Phu Thuad 2497 batch from Pattani province.
15. Broken- piece Phra Kru (found-in-Chedi amulet) from Supanburi province.
16. Broken- piece Phra Kru (found-in-Chedi amulet) of Wat Am Pha Wa (One of the top amulet in Samutsongkam province.
17. Metal grain leaf over from making well-known Phra Kring of Wat Suthat (Legend of Phra Kring in Thailand, one of the top Phra Kring amulets in Thailand)
18. Consecrated powder by Luang phu nark wat rakhang, Bangkok province etc.
19. Luang Phor Sodh Wat Paknam's Amulet Powder.

Those well-known Who Chanted :
1. Ajahn Tim of Wat Chang Hai, Pattani province
2. Luang Phu Nark of Wat Rakhang, Bangkok province
3. Luang Phu Toh of Wat Pradoochimplee, Bangkok
4. Luang Phor Pae of Wat Pikulthong, Singburi province
5. Luang Phu Tae of Wat Sam Ngam, Nakonphatom province
6. Chao Kun Pon of Wat Nang, Bangkok.
(His medal is one of the top medal amulets in Thai amulet society)
7. Luang Phor Noi of Tham Ma Sa La, Nakonphatom province.
(His “Rahu” amulet is one of the top Rahu amulets in Thailand)
8. Luang Phor Chong of Wat Na Thang Nok, Ayutthaya province.
(His Takut and 1st medal. Top 1 Tapian Fish in Thailand and also Roopmuen KhanPai)
9. Luang Phor Ngern of Wat Don Yai Hom, Nakonphatom province.
(His 1st batch medal is now one of the top medal in Thai amulet society)
10.Luang Phor Doo of Wat Sa Kae, Ayutthaya province ( Famous Phra Phrom)
11.Luang Phor Thit of Wat Pha Rat Rai, Supanburi province.
12.Luang Phor Mui of Wat Don Rai, Supanburi province etc.
13.Luang Phor Kong Wat Ban Suan
14.Luang Phu Hin , Wat Rakhang.
15.Luang Phor Phrom Wat Chongkae
16.Luang Phor Daeng Wat Khao Bandai-it . ( Famous rian and 2513/14 Somdej)
17.Chao Khun Nor , wat Dhepsirin .
18.Chao Khun Prayat . Wat Suthat (Sakaraj Pae's Student)
19.Luang Phu Tim , Wat Laharnrai (The Famous Khunpaen Prai Guman maker)
20.Luang Phor Top Wat Chondan
21.Luang Phor Kuay or Luang Phor Koay Wat kositaram
22.Luang Phor Thongsook Wat Sapansoong
23.Luang Phor Klai Wat Suan Khan
24.Luang Phor Dit Wat Paksra
25.Luang Phor Noi Wat Dharmasala
26.Luang Phor Keaw Wat Songbon
27.Luang Phor Sie Wat Sakae
28.Luang Phor Seng Wat Kalaya
29.Luang Phor Boonmi Wat Kaosamorkorn
30.Luang Phor Tira Wat Parlaylai
31.Luang Phor Rian Wat Bang Rahong
32.Luang Phor Kern Wat Sungko
33.Luang Phor Cham Wat Nualnoradit
34.Luang Phor Nor Wat klang Tarur
35.Luang Phor Phuem Wat Klang Bang Kaew
36.Luang Phor Chaem Wat Yansen
37.Luang Phor Pol wat Tiantut
38.Luang Phor Tor Wat Namatoom
39.Luang Phor sood Wat Kalong
40.Luang Phor Kaew Wat chonglam
41.Luang Phor Un Wat Prayat
42.Luang Phor Hiang Wat Pa

Background :
This Batch of Amulet Was chanted by Alot of Monks , and Mixed with alot of Sacred Material.
It chanted twice and Gain the Perfection of Solid amulet .
For a Collector and others Who cannot able to get expensive amulet , Should Either think to get one of this as your own.
Make more than 10 Phim , More than 100k pcs . Qty for total phim . I dont have.
Im still searching for the Hardcover, But lately heard it was Expensive than the amulet .
The amulets were created by Phra Kru Samut Umpon, the abbot of Wat Prasat .
Ajhan Tim Wat Chang Hai helped Phra Kru Samut Umpon to create this batch of amulets using Wat Chang Hai Luang Poo Thuat BE2505 Lang Tao Lit's mould of the 3 different sizes; Phim Yai, Phim Glahng and Phim Lek.

Quantity :
Sorry , Unknown . Too many phim . i have to really get a hardcover book for the fully info .
Anyone selling , Please Contact me in email

The Material :
There were many materials used for the creation of this batch of amulets mainly because the monks who came for the chanting, had brought along some of their own materials to mix with the rest of the materials. Therefore one could see many different colours of the amulets although it origined from the same mould.

The material used were :
1. Wahn 108 kinds material from Wat Changhai
2. Puttakun material from Wat Sragek
3. Puttakun material from Wat Pradoochimplee
4. Broken Somdej (Somdej Toh and Somdej Pilan)Wat Bang Khun Prom & Wat Rakhang.
5. Broken Somdej 2485 from Wat Intonwihahn
6. Broken Somedej of LP Hohnong from Wat Klorngmadan
The Infomation Might have some wording will wrong .
Due to I have some infomation are READ & REPOST .
Sorry for my Lack of Knownledge in Wat Prasart 2506

Somdej Rakhang Langkon Nur Samrit 2453-2457

Somdej Rakhang Langkon of Wat Rakhang Kositaram.

(History of Somdej Rakhang Langkon Nur Samrit)
Somdej Rakhang Lang Kon is also known as Phra Somdej Nur Loha Phasom.
It is small in size and handy. Well proven for protection against dangers, invulnerable to body harm, full protection against evil & magical charms, securing good metta and luck in business and personal life.

This is the very 1st batch Somdej Loha that Wat Rakhang had created. Distribute to the public between 2453-57 and again in 2470. Best of miracles and experiences by all wearer. Most sought by veteran Thai collectors in Thailand. It was built by Somdet Phra Phut Kosajan Yannachan Thamahathen (Ja Rern I Sa Rang Kun Na Ayutthaya) in between 2453-2457.

Plenty brass metal sheet were sent out to various great master monks of the era to inscribe it with magical words just like the building of Phra Putta Chinnaraj Indonchine which was built by Rama V and enshrined at the ordination hall in Wat Benjamobhophit. Somdej Langkon consisted of Nur Thonglueng, Nur Samrid & Nur Mekasit which is rarely found.

A total of 60 thailand greatest monks were invited to participate in the ritual ceremony at Wat Rakhang Kositaram:
1) LP Prink Wat Bang Phakok
2) LP Plit Wat Kamphaeng
3) LP Phum Wat Bang Klo
4) LP Phuang Wat Gok, Grom Ma Luang Chin Wor Ra Si Ri Wat
5) LP Soo Wat Nak Prok
6) LP Say Wat In Tha Ra Ram (Tai)
7) LP Jai Wat Sadet
8) LP Kong Wat Bang Gra Prom
9) LP Boi Wat Chong Lom
10) LP Plian Wat Tai
11) LP Chui Wat Kong Ka Ram
12) LP Tha Wat Pha Niang Taek
13) LP Boon Wat Glang Bang Gaew
14) LP Nong Wat Klong Ma Dan
15) Phra Sang Wa Ra Nu Wong Ten (Chum) Wat Rad Cha Sit Tha Ram (Wat Plub)
16) Som Dej Phra Phut Tha Jaan (Nuam) Wat A Nong Ka Ram
17) LP Kai Wat Cherng Len
18) LP SooWat Pak Klong Ma Kham Tao
19) LP Doem Wat Nong Pho and many others

(The ritual of building Phra Somdej Langkon (Hammer Batch):) Collecting brass sheet from various great master monks from Thonburi kingdom and up-country for inscribe an occult number (Lek Yan). Then all sheets were melted. Then pour as Buddha items than saw off in branch from the mass core (Gaen Cha Nuan) and saw off in bar that in rectangle shape.
After saw off as bunch, each amulet will stick together that have to cut off in junction of it and than using hammer to tap each amulet separated.
From this process, the name Rakhang Lang Kon” was named. Please noted that some of the amulet will have damage mark resulting from hammer and hand polishing.

The Features: Buddha image sit in meditation posture on 2-storey seat inside overarch glasses. The head of sitting buddha is Prok Pho. The appearance as round seed (Med Grom) encircle head like as Prok Pho that has a flat type.
Diamond cut or raise back type are seen but rarely find including some with magical writing at back.

1) none decorate or polishing type, 1 baht for rental. (Unfurnished type)
2) Decorate and polishing type, 2 baht for rental. (Furnished type to let it look nicer)

All funds gather from renting out this amulet are use for restoring the ordination hall and a sermon hall at Wat Rakhang Kositaram.

Attached with Sammakom Certificate of Authentication.