Friday, 28 March 2008

Luang Phor Jong

LP JONG or nick name "Who Shorten Long Distance" . One of the top 10 great famous monks of the country is "LP JONG" of "Wat Na-Tang-Nok" Temple, BangSai district, Ayuthaya province. He was die on the Buddhist important " MaKhaBuCha day" of February 17th, B.E.2508, with the age of 93. LP JONG and LP Phan of Wat BangNomKho are close friends and respected high magic and meditation practices of each other. They had the same teachers viz LP Soon of Wat BangPlaMoh."LP Parn" of Wat BangNomKho admired "LP JONG" to all his disciples that he was like a gold monk statue, and that a monk of this kind one should never beg anything from him because he would give everything that was begged for. Whenever LP Phan performed any religious ritual at his temple, he would invite "LP JONG" to join. Once LP PHAN urged his close monk disciple to go by a motor boat to invite "LP JONG" to join a ritual , but"LP JONG" told the monk to go back in advance and he would go by himself later. As soon as the monk had come back and reported to LP Phan that "LP JONG" would come later, LP Phan laughed mildly and pointed to "LP JONG" who was sitting right there!! "LP JONG" created many kinds of amulets since the WW II, such as medals, small statues, ivory-tusk Rajasihas, metal Ta Pian fish , sacred jackets, etc. His amulets are very good for warding off dangers of all kinds, while his Ta Pian fish is good for fortune fetching.