Friday, 28 March 2008

Luang Phor Derm

"Monk Derm" was born on year 1860 and die on year1951. He was a very compassionate monk. he had helped built a lot of temples not only in Na-khon-Sa-wan Province but also in nearby provinces. His great work had gained the hearts and respect from people throughout Thailand. During Monk Derm's time, there were very few roads and people had to walk through thick woods or forests to go from one place to another. They were not only afraid of the wild animals living in the forest, but also the unknown, such as evil spirits and black magic which were more fearsome than anything else. So bigger His amulet were specially made for this purpose and these were very popular. But now times have changed and people would prefer to carry a smaller one as it could be kept in the pocket or worn like a pen (see picture below). Never the less, the big ones are still very popular among the exorcist monks and witch doctors. It is believed that this magical of "Monk DERM" with the power of Protection, Exorcism, Victory, Defeating negative forces such as black magic, Courage And Confidence