Thursday, 18 September 2008

Absolute Equation

These are queries from a reader, almost all the email content is preserved:

Absolute Equation
These are queries from a reader, almost all the email content is preserved:
I recently bought an amulet, but after i wear it, i dont find anything special happening to me

Comment: The problems are the "quality" of the amulet itself and the "quality" of you yourself. First, is your amulet a real item or a fake? If it's real and well made & blessed by qualified Gurus, the amulet will certainly be efficacious and should have some noticeable effects. Second, how do you-- the amulet owner--practice yourself. A close friend of mine has many real good great amulets, but apart from that he donates to help needed temples and regularly chants some good great Kathas with his high faith. He automatically and unintentionally attains good Smadhi in some degree. Strange phenomena and lucky fortune are happening to him.

The most important thing is before you are wearing amulets, you have to request for Buddha and LPs' protection, a blessing on Metta, fortune, and even daily good existence. The request process needs Smadhi or concentrated mind. The more Smadhi you have, the more result you will receive.

Thus, real good amulets + real good practices will really effect noticeable changes.

1) How to choose a real amulet?

ANS: In case of old or rather old amulets You must remember its specific features--its form or characteristic, its mass or material, and its surface. There is no exception--it's a must to have knowledge thoroughly on every item. The degree of success depends on your eyes and your memory. And this is why I always say that it's much more difficult to examine Thai amulets than gem stones. Or else, buy it from a real qualified, trustable and ethical shop or expert.

2) Can all the amulets i buy in Thai temples be trusted as real?

ANS: Certainly, they can be trusted as NEW REAL items, but the EFFICACY of amulets are NOT ALWAYS good great. It depends on ability of Guru(s) who made and blessed them. It means how strong their Visha Arkom (knowledge on magic or Saiyavej) and how High Dhamma they attained. Frankly speaking for Present Period, there are NOT MANY real qualified Gurus who could create real good great amulets.

3) How can i be sure which amulet is suitable for me?

ANS: There are many kinds of amulets --Metta, Klaew Klaad (free from harms or safty protection), Kong Kra Phan (impenetrability), Maha Amnaj (power), Maan Kong ( security), fortune, etc. Ask yourself what is/are your specific purpose(s) to use amulet(s), and then find such the spec amulet(s) to wear. A lot of people have concurrent reasons or purposes, so they can wear many amulets on a chain at wishes.

4) It's not that i don't believe but i bought an amulet at a shop, but it's not helping me, that's why i don't know whether its real or fake.

ANS: Good amulets + good practices = good effects. I strongly guarantee this absolute equation.