Thursday, 18 September 2008

Prelude of Amulet Collection

Thai amulets is real big world. Many and many are collecting items. Even collectors could not know all of them, but they should know them as most as possible or at least in the scope related to their collecting. More than 20 years I have been in this field and many thousands of core and popular collecting items were closely examined by me, but still more in outer perimeter waiting to be learned --it's non-stop learning task.

Most important things for whoever want to achieve the title VETERAN COLLECTORS compose of the following factors: seeing a lot on real pieces, reading a lot on their backgrounds, and listening a lot from the learned persons.

The nowaday hi-tech communication system help so much on our learning. You can learn free from useful articles via internet with clear and high resolution pictures. But knowledges are not limited on those articles and pictures, even something from veteran conversation forum is also knowledge--maybe unwritten and unrecorded knowledge .

Remember that there are a lot of fakes and propaganda items spreading in Thailand's neighbor countries, especially in Malaysia and Singapore. So, we must also have knowledge on those fakes and propaganda items for wiping them out from our collection. This is the way we would get only the real good great items that are excellent value. To achieve this goal, it's a must for us to concentrate on seeing, reading and listening as mentioned.

Even I have a lot of daily tasks to do, I promise that I will often meet you here, so please often visit this page to upgrade your knowledge on Thai amulets. See you !!