Thursday, 18 September 2008

No Sweet Truth

Derwent's comment on the article "Food For Thought" is very useful and always up-to-dated for every collectors. And I think the correct concept of amulet collecting should be established in among many Singaporean collectors, otherwise they would reinvent the wheel and lose their hard earned money. And these are some issues that should be realized by anyone who want to be "real" collector:
1.The indulging in the exaggerated sales pitch instead of self discretion based on the standard study system will cause a lot of Singaporean collectors not able to upgrade themself in amulets collecting. And this is no wonder why a lot of Singaporean collectors collect very strange-look or strange-name amulets. Sadly, many good great items should be collected but are ignored while a lot of fakes and fictitious should be ignored but are reversely collected. It's the upside-down collecting style.

2.The late great guru Chao Khun Nor teach us a very sharp and clear words:
The fakes talk a loud voice, but the real are deaf & dumb. The misleading collectors should think twice on this reminding sentence and try to understand it.

3. Studying and collecting Thai amulets relies on genuine and factual presentation approach--the imprint and mass--on those real good, long-year experienced, standard amulets. No exag-gerated sales pitch is concerned.

4. The real good-made and well blessed amulet has its real miraculous efficacy, but how strong its efficacy is and how fast it results depending on the user himself. If the user has good meditative mind and could harmonize himself with the amulet's power, he would receive strong and fast effects. So, the efficacy of an amulet depends directly on the mentioned two side inter-active action and reaction.

5. A major problem in Singapore is caused by the lacking of local experts. And some few good-knowledge persons or real mature collectors feel embarrassed to take inter-active relations with those talkative lacking-knowledge collectors. The collecting sys-tem in S'pore is not running on its track, it's like the off-road commuting. If they don't change their collecting concept, they would wear fakes and never experience the real great miraculous efficacies of the amulets forever.

6. Remember that running and grabbing amulets after the exaggerated news will be causing to get the fictitious, the fakes or the imitations.

7. As I have stressed before, the truth is not sweet while the sweet is not the truth. Some sentences on the above text may be bitter. The nature of the truth is that. And if we don't accept the truth, how can we improve ourself for going forward.