Thursday, 18 September 2008

Beware of Propaganda Items

A lot of Thai and Singaporeans collectors are haunted by amulet propagandists. In some places tricky merchants cut and copy non-standard newspapers, which reported miraculous events of amulets, to blow up and make propaganda text for commercial purposes. It works !! A lot of propaganda items sell like hot cakes!!

The top-hit monk lists in Thailand and Singapore are not so different. Frankly say here that in among the lists only few of them can be accepted for their Dhamma practices and amulets. Most of them are not qualified while many are unknown. The truth is--they had been launched to the sky by propaganda printed media. They speedily go up high; and after propaganda items are already saturatedly absorbed by less scrutinized collectors, they acceleratedly fall down to earth like meteors.

This is the main reason why a lot of Thai and Singaporean collectors collected DECEPTIVE NOVEL-BASED AMULETS of no efficacies at all

Money is not so easy to earn, it's from our sweat, troubles and miseries, but we easily allowed ourself to be fooled by those propagandist merchants. Don't be gullible collectors anymore but please be SMART collectors. Here are some advice to protect your money not to fly out from your wallet cause by propagandist merchants:

1. Collect good amulets created by great Gurus--not propaganda amulets--by consulting the LIST OF GREAT GURUS I have prepared.

2. Beware of the news cut on amulets' unbelievable events referring to non-standard newspapers.

3. Beware of the unknown and strange names of monks to whom are referred on miraculous performance.

4. Buy amulets from ethical & trustable shops or persons only.