Friday, 19 September 2008

Chao khun Thiang - Story

Wat Rakhang Chao Khoon Tiang(Disciple of Luang Pu Hin)

This article was translated from Saksit Magazine written by Sanya Jampathong.Luang Phor Thiang of Wat Rakhang has special power to touch Luang Phor Toh's spirit. He had been the last student of Luang Poo Nak. He has been in monkshood with this temple for 50 years since 1952 when he was 14 years old during the time when Luang Poo Moon was the Wat Rakhang abbot. He was from Korat, then traveled to Ayuthaya and finally came back to Bangkok to study Dharma, Buddhist disciplines and Pali languages until he completed 5 Prayok. After that, he became a monk in Khorat and continued his studies until he completed 9 Prayok.

Luang Phor Thiang practiced prayers and meditation including the famous " Chinnabanchorn" chanting from the famous Luang Poo Nak of Wat Rakhang, his Teacher. He continued to practice his knowledge until he could communicate with Luang Poo Toh. He is a peace-loving monk and never seeks publicity for himself.

Luang Phor Thiang told us about his experience with Luang Poo Toh:" Not long after prayers, I melt jasmine fragrance, and the smell of areca nuts and betel leaves lingers at the tip of my nose. In front, I saw an image of Luang Poo Toh. He took me to the Wonder Forest laid down along the way by the red areca nuts. There were so many green plants from different species. There were some huts under the big trees. The ground was very soft to walk on. We went into the deep timeless forest and just then, Luang Poo Toh disappeared, leaving me there alone.... At that moment I woke up. This was my first experience of meeting with Luang Poo Toh.

From then on, he could communicate with Luang Poo Toh often. Luang Poo Toh has suggested many ideas in his works and had helped him out of bad situations many times. Luang Phor Thiang cited some examples."One night, Luang Poo Toh came to sit at the top of my bed rest for a while and then disappeared." In the morning, I tried to interpret that dream but I could not solve it. In the afternoon, at about 1pm, I traveled to Khorat. The car sped at 100km/h. But because the car was old, an accident happened - the right front wheel came off and ran ahead of the car far away. But amazingly my driver could control the car to safety without any injury to both of us!" He believes that this is the protection provided by Luang Poo Toh.

Another accident happened when he traveled from Khorat to Thung Rangsit. The driver suddenly lost control of the car and it turned over many times. Luang Phor Thiang recited the prayer 3 times. At the 4th overturn, he thought of Luang Poo Toh and called upon his help that " if Luang Poo Toh does not help me and if I have another overturn I may die." The next thing he knew was the car completed its turn and stood on the four wheels safely. Luang Phor Thiang has a picture of Luang Poo Toh, which was taken when he was preaching. This was given to him by Luang Poo Nak, his teacher. But it was black and white picture so he got somebody to paints some colors on it. That night, Luang Poo Toh came to ask him why he painted red on his robe. Luang Poo Toh likes this picture and that is why he responded to the change. He is still in this picture so we could pray to him through it. He gacw copies of this picture to so many of his followers. He also gave away many " Pra Somdet " which have been made according to Luang Poo Toh's instructions.

Another story is that around Luang Phor Thiang's residence there are many images of Luang Poo Toh. One of Luang Phor Thiang's sculptors dreamed that Luang Poo Toh came to him and asked for a shelter and a roof to prevent him from sunlight and rain. Luang Phor Thiang immediately ordered the building of the shelter and roof as he requested. Wat Rakhang previously known as " Wat Bangwayai " was a very old temple since Ayuthaya kingdom period. King Taksin of THonburi liked to come here to meditate during his reign. He came into Luang Phor Thiang's dream before. The Buddhist library was created by King Rama 1 of the present Ratanakosin Dynasty.

Luang Phor Thiang has been making images of Luang Poo Toh for many temples in Thailand and abroad. In Singapore, a group of Buddhists requested him to send some images of Luang Poo Toh to Singapore, Luang Phor Thiang acceded to their requested. He also has a sacred " Rakhang (Bell) called "Rakhang 12asee" which is for people who seek happiness and peace and freedom from bad luck" The Bell is placed outside his residence. Many people have been granted their wishes by beating this bell before. It is said that the sound of the bell will go so far to all gods and angels in heaven to hear and grant people's wishes. Luang Phor Thiang has good blessings and chanting that can protect his followers from bad things. Luang Phor Thiang or Phra Thep Suthi Methee. the head of Buddhist Region 11 committee and the Assistant Abbot of Wat Rakhang, is a very humble monk. He has no security personals to follow him everywhere. He is kind, compassionate and approachable. People should visit him at Wat Rakhang and receive his blessings.

Hope you enjoy reading this piece of translation by a fellow visitor to Wat Rakhang.