Thursday, 18 September 2008

Food for Thought

Few people in Singapore are willing to pay money for the real genuine amulets, unless exaggerated sales pitch are involved, or when buyers are shown newspaper cutting in regard the efficacy of amulets. Collectors have their own small circles for talk. My observation is that people here responded to sales talk more than genuine and factual presentation of amulets, whilst many responded significantly to magazine cutting, etc.

Many, for some misguided reasons, expect immediate results after wearing the amulets. You are quite right to point out that few people really appreciate real goody amulets in Singapore. Another observation here is that many have paid unnecessary exorbitant price for common-place amulets Then there is also a handful of veterans who spent great old time in Thailand but only to find them avoiding the amulet mainstream gossips for the right reasons. Like anywhere else in this world, the amulet fraternity here has its fair share of amulet politicking.

So my advice to our net readers is that we should get ourselves involved in productive dialogue with the experts and avoid those amulet gossips; it does not help us in our spiritual development and it is very unproductive. My old time friend is one such example. He feels embarrassed and sadden when he joined people in the dialogue in the past. It is unproductive insofar as our spiritual development is concerned. Singapore is small such that it is not difficult to know who are good and genuine collectors here. Very sadly, some genuine and well-meaning people paid unnecessary high price for fake amulets, or amulets which price are artificially and unreasonably inflated.

Mr Lek - sometimes it is not difficult to detect fakes from the genuine amulet by mere naked eyes. So my advice to net readers is to spend wisely. Invest your hard earned money into valued-orientated amulets that are efficacious

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Learn from the historian but look forward. Remember there is wheels within wheels in amulet collection. Good luck in your amulet quest.