Friday, 12 December 2008

Luang Phor Yam's Takrut

Luang Phor Yam Wat Sam Ngarn .
This Takrut are from Luang Phor Yaem Chanted .
There is a Serial number for the 1st Line , 2nd line will be the Temple Code.
2nd Photo are showing the numbering
1st ) 20.
2nd ) 806.
This are Look nice and good on relationship and protection.
It come with a little small Phayant -pad . with gumanthong and yant chop at back.
The Katha Below :
Namo Tassa Bagawato Arahato Samma Sambhudassa (x3)
Na Out , Na Add , Na Ka KA Yad , OuD Tank add Toe .
Tho Oud , Tank Add, Na MA Ar U , Is Sa Wa Su .
Na u Ta , Ar U tank , Pra Ar Ra Hank Oud.