Friday, 12 December 2008

Luang Phor Goy Wat Kaew DinTai

Luang Phor Goy Wat Kao Din Tai
sorry for the temple spelling almost all the same pronouns, but im trying to put different.
its because easier for ppl to know they are the same temple as well.

From the Seller who told .
This pcs is very good of relationship as known as (METTA in thai)
He told me that Its can Persuade the Enemy to Friend..
if u have many enemy i think u have to take a try then .. haha~..
Katha for Takrut " Sakord Chit Don Jai Korn"
Namo Tassa Bagawato Arahato SammaSambhudassa (x3)
Put tank , Rat Ta nank , Tham Mank Rat Ta Nank.
Sank Kank Rat Ta nank , Na Pook , Mo mad .
Rut Rad , Tha Trueng , Ya krueng Ka re , Ohm sa wa ha