Friday, 12 December 2008

Luang Phor Kalong's Takrut Chang Pasom Klong

Luang Phor Kalong Chang Pasom Klong Takrut.
Chang = elephant
Pasom = have sex
Klong =all member
2550 - (chanted 2 years - powerful relationship) lovely and charming
Inside have 3 x 3 inches yant pad and made by wahn.
Which i have 2 friend told me it can deep inside the water and chant and let the other or enemy to drink . it gave good relationship and persuade the enemy to friend haha...
Wonderful Pcs of Takrut from Luang Phor Kalong..xD
The Katha for Chang Pasom Klong Takrut.

Namo tassa bagawato arahato sammasambhuddhasa (X3)
It Thee Yo Ta ru no cha to , a hi me wa sa ma ka ma (X3)
ma ar u metta , cha ma ha racah , sap pa sa ne ha .
ta ma chit tank , pi yank ma ma , sap pa suk kank .
cha ma ha la pank , sap pa kro tank , wi nas san ti .
ka ro ho ti sam pa wo (X7).