Sunday, 16 November 2008

Luang Phor Rith (Roonchoto)

Luang Phor Rith Roonchoto was born on the 20th May 1916 and was christened Rith Mauluekdee. He is currently 86 years old and entered the priesthood in 1941 at petcha buri Temple , Surin.

Many Will know that this is the residence of the famous Luang Phor Hong. After serving his apprentiship and spending many year on pilgramage in the forests surrounding Chonlappratharn Ratchadamnri temple he became the abbot of Indraburapa Temple , Krasang District , Buririam.

Having been in the priesthood for 66 years he is highly revered by the locals of Buriram where he nbow resides . He has also gained much respect from both Thai and international amulet collectors. Luang Phor Rith was promoted to Phrakru Indraworakhun on the 5th December 2002. His domicile is Tungmon Sub-district , Surin.

Luang Phor Rith is respected as one of the Extreme sacred monk in Burirum Province . He has created many kinds of famous sacred amulet such as the Phra Khunpaen Prai kumara SEries , SalikaKoo Takruts , Cloth amulets , Ruay Ngern Ruay Tong amulets , etc , all of Which are Extremely.

Nowadays Luang Poo Rith is the abbot of Wat CHolpatanrachadumri , Krasang District , Burirum Province , and athough the Province is a long distance from the capital he still receives many visitor seeking his amulets.

Aport from his Sacred amulet Luang Poo Rith is also highly Respected for his Sacred Water , Which is divided into two kinds as follows:

1.The Sacred Water in the Monk's Bowl.

This Kind of Sacred water is recited with sacred spells that can help the worshipper become more attractive and charming towards the opposite sex. It was revealed by his followers that Luang Phor Rith had repeatedly recited the sacred spells for many thousand of tims for each bowl of sacred water.

2.The Sacred Water in the Temple's Big Jars.

This Sacred water is Believed to hold magic power that can help dispell evils , dangers , and ghosts from the worshippers' lives . Almost everyday you will note people crowded at the temple asking for this water.

Apart from all those above mentioned sacred things, Luang Phor Rith also uses his high-level magic power to directly help rid those people afflicated of possessed with black magic power.

It is said that not only ordinary people were helped by Luang Phor Rith buy also the insane are taken to the temple by their relatives.

People who have witnessesd his sacred ceremonies have said that once a mad person had tried to run away from Luang Phor Rith ( because the ghost who haunted him caused him to do so).
and while people tried to catch him Luang Phor Rith said "NO!"

After that Luang Phor Rith had studied magic sciences from senior Thai and Khmer monks for many decades, and such is his power he can easily recognize the problems of those that visit him even before being told.

It was also recorded that a group of teenages visited the temple to meet Luang Phor Rith who immediately asked them , 'have you come here for protection against an automobile accident' His words surprised the teenagers as they had never mentioned the serious accidednt in which they were involved.

Since that day , they became devoted followers of Luang Phor Rith and have attended all his ceremonies .

For People who do not have sufficient time to visit the temple, His amulet can be worn as effective Talisman for Luck , Prosperity and Happiness , These are the words of Luang Phor Rith