Sunday, 16 November 2008

佛牌加持或跟随你。Katha Puja Phra Kreung

Katha Puja Phra Kreung (Invite Your ‘Phra Kreung’/Amulets To Be With You)

Basically for amulets we wear are categorize either as Phra Kreung or Kreung Raeng. Phra Kreung means amulets which depicts forms of Buddha or his followers like Phra Sivali or Phra Sangachai or virtuous monks of which we must wear above the waistline. Kreung Raeng would include takrut, Hanuman, Chucok, Bia Gae etc which does not depicts the higher orders of Buddha and his Sanghas.

One should always or encourage to practise this. Invite the Gurus and his blessings to be with us before wearing our amulets. Hold your amulets in your palm in ‘wai’ position.

Start by reciting .

Namo tassa bhagawato arahato sammasambudhhassa

Putthang Arathananeng

Dhammang Arathananeng

Sangkang Arathananeng

Putthang Passitimae

Dhammang Passitimae

Sangkang Passitimae

Sithik Khong Kraphan ( May I be impenetratabal by objects or weapon )

Sithik Klaew Kard ( May I escape from harm )

Sithik Mahalap ( May good luck be with me )

Sithik Mahasanae ( May I always be surrounded by loving kindness )

Sithik Nirantarayo ( May all that is bad and unwholesome not befall on me )

Om ruay ruay. ( May money come easily to me/ May I never be broke )

Then wear it.

Thanks to From SaengThai.