Sunday, 16 November 2008

Katha to increase ‘responsiveness’ of amulet. 提高佛牌力量或感应力

We constantly receive enquiries about how can amulet collectors increase their amulet’s ‘responsiveness’ or in Thai they call it ’saksit’ . Responsiveness or saksit usually refer to the effectiveness of the amulet in answering our request.

We have to stress again here ( as we have share in our previous posts ) that such responsiveness depends on many factors. For example our Karma or our parami/perfections. We have shared a simple katha before this, chanting of Mak A U, or Nak Mo Budh Dha Yak or Nak Mak Pak Tak but perhaps our readers are expecting something a little bit more challenging. A word of advise for the Katha enthusiasts, it is not just in the Katha alone but our heart as well in order to effectively execute a Katha.

Here is another Katha we can use to chant to increase the responsiveness of the amulet.

Please begin with Namo tassa bhagawato arahato sammasambudhhassa

Puthang saksit prakchow plaengrit pit duai prak Dhammang

Dhammang saksit prakchow plaengrit pit duai prak Sangkang

Sangkang saksit prakchow plaengrit pit duai prak Puthang

repeat 3,5,7, 9 or more.


Please before we chant the Katha above, ensure that our body is clean eg. your hands. Center ourselves within first, clear mind of all thoughts and set mind at ease. Bring to mind our Buddhas, Luang Po or Guru of the respective amulets, Teachers and parent. Then recite.

Thanks to From SaengThai.