Thursday, 2 October 2008

Luang Phor Chuen of Wat Yan Sen

Luang Phor Chuen was born on 18 March B.E.2450 (1907) in the Ngaung-Kae of the Saraburi province.

Luang Phor Chuen was born into a farmer family. Luang Phor Chuen was novice at the age of 15 for studying Dharma and Samati until 18 year old. Luang Phor Chuen leaved the Buddhist monkhood and when back to his family.

Luang Phor Chuen helped his family by 3 year until the age of 21 when he was finally ordained as a monk at Wat Kau Loy, Saraburi province. Luang Phor Chuen has learning Dharma and Bali grammar. Luang Phor Chuen has been an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way. Luang Phor Chuen passed the test of the third grade by 3 year only. Luang Phor Chuen started to study Magic and Psychology with Guru Monk of Wat Kau Loy until his succeed. After that, Luang Phor Chueen went to Tudong for building up knowledge of Visha and Buddhism way.

Also, Luang Phor Chueen searched instructor monk for study knowledge of magic charms continuously. Until Luang Phor Chuen when to Wat Yan Sen of the Ayutthaya province. Luang Phor Chuen was the first monk who succeed in “Rat Ta Na Juk” Visha and popular for his knowledge in both holy Dharma and Visha. Luang Phor Chuen has always welcomed any visitor regardless of class and background and Luang Phor Chuee treated everybody equally. Luang Phor Chuen's amulets are very popular and have the experience for protection. When Luang Phor Chuen has been making the amulet. Luang Phor Chueen always used “Rat Ta Na Juk” Visha to bless properly the amulet therefore his amulet very strong. Luang Phor Chuen was Abbot of Wat Yan Sen, Ayutthaya province.

Luang Phor Chueen has been one of the most famous present-time. Luang Phor Chueen passed away on 17 June 2003 at the age of 97 year old.