Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Luang Phor Tad of Wat Chai Na

Luang Phor Tad is famous guru monk of Wat Chai Na, Petchburi province.

Luang Phor Tad had learned magical knowledge from many famous guru monks such as Luang Phor Thong of Wat Khao Gra Jiew, Luang Phor Grit, Luang Phor Chum of Wat Gu Ti Bangkem, Luang Phor Thong Suk of Wat Ta Nod Luang and etc.

Luang Phor Tad always learn magical knowledge with many famous guru monks. Then, Luang Phor Tad is very knowledgeable about making amulet. The famous amulet of Luang Phor Tad is Takrut and Paladkhik. Everyday, people always meet Luang Phor Tad. Many people believe in power of his amulet so much. This is because many people can touch real miracle from the amulet