Thursday, 2 October 2008

Achan Amnard Wat PraJawOoy

Phra Arjarn Amnard was born at Prachin Buri province. He traveled to Northeast of Thailand until he met Luang Phor Kam Moon of Wat Pra Jaw Ooy, Chaiyaphum province who has been a guru monk of this present era.

Phra Arjarn Amnard has knowledge of Visha (magic) and has been studied the art of making efficacious Khun Paen and amulets from Luang Phor Kam Moon. It was said that he himself learnt the arcane secrets of making the famous amulets. Phra Arjarn Amnad had also learnt Visha from many Cambodian Arjarns while he went for “Tudung” in Cambodia.

Refer to Yee Go Hong, he was born in China. He was a Chinese Millionaire. He came to Thailand in the reign of King Rama III. He was the first person who originated gambling in Thailand. He often helped the poor people. Yee Go Hong’s joss-house very popular among Thai gambler. Every day, many people go to his joss-house and pray to get lucky in gambling or lotto.Regarding to Yee Go Hong story, when he die, people built joss-house for him in the Pub-Pla-Chai road. One day, the government needs to build police station in that area and demolish Yee Go Hong joss-house in the police station. Do you known!! What happen? 3 policemen were dead by car accident, shot gun and heart failure in one month. After this bad situation happen, the government decide to rebuild Yee Go Hong joss-house.

Now Yee Go Hong joss-house nowadays place on the top of this police station’s main building.