Thursday, 2 October 2008

Luang Phor Nai Wat Ban Jaeng

LP Nai was Wat Makhamthao's LP Sook lineage disciple. He did not learn directly with LP Sook but with Acharn Yarm Daeng-- a LP Sook's close disciple.

LP Nai is very expert in making old-traditional amulets, such as Takrut Maha Ud,Takrut Maha Rood,Takrut Maha Choke, and Look Om for invincibility, safty protection, and good luck. His ivory tusk carved house lizard is so famous for great fortune and good luck. It's a MUST amulet for businessmen and ordinary people.

LP Nai was one of 108 Gurus who invited to bless the great 25 Buddha Sattawas amulet in B.E. 2500. And LP Nai passed away in B.E. 2530 at the age of 84.