Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Luang Phor Goy of Wat Kowdintai

Luang Phor Goy is good at Khmer science such as the miracle books for building and pluk sek miracle objects and amulets who has knowledge of Siyasas in Khmer route indeed both in the right side and black one.

Luang Phor Goy has a trict to do miracle objects which have more power, and has a strong relationship in Luang Phor Chuen. Luang Phor Goy is used to help LP Cheun for making amulets. Besides, Luang Phor Goy follows with the ancient Khmer science when Luang Phor Goy helps Luang Phor Chuen by pluk sek {bless} in Khmer language.

Furthermore, after pluk sek {bless} Luang Phor Chuen tells to the followers that Luang Phor Goy pluk sek {bless} in order to help Luang Phor Chuen. After, receive the amulet, you should take a merit to 9 monks and you will see the truth