Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The First Given Out Amulet In My Blog.

For years of collection , i have been given out many amulet to my collector friends , and people who rented from me . since 2010, i stop my amulet because i've some personal problem and working issue , i try to rent out all my amulet and giving away some of my cheaper amulet which i do not wear at all .
Whoever came over and pay visit on my blog , i have attention to the Blog Reader for amulet collectors. Im going to give out some amulet for free , not even charging for the Postage fees.
As i have promised to my Alvin Buddy from Singapore and Macca from Johor.
Very Thanks for the Support and Free Gift , after sometime of work to be free .
I Have bring to show somes collector to prove the amulet are they genuine anot before sending out . The out come is 50% abv is fake . The giving away amulet is Limited .

Amulet-Collection Admin (BertDeen30)