Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Thai Amulet Collection by BERTDEEN

A chinese new year come..a new starts is here.

I'm a collector from malaysia , amulet collector call me bertdeen .
What i'm going to write is a topic is about myself and Thai Amulets.

When the very first time , i do not trust any things from amulets.
Do you think that amulet is more powerful than a kevlar to protect you from gun ?
Do you think that the car damages and you are not hurt ?
Do you think that the more money will come to you without work ?

Amulets is a Protection to everyone . Wearing amulets is to remind you the buddha is beside.
You have to do goods and karma is always with you .

I've been quarrel with some people lately . I wish they did collect some good amulets.
Not collect all the prapagonda , commercial , fake amulet.
I wish most of the people can really get the good amulet or powerful amulet.
If your Don't get one of it , but at least what u wear is well known and famous , and is genuine.

When the first time i start to collect Thailand amulets.
i've been cheated alot of amulet from a Thai Guys Named , Phongtheb A.K.A Sumbai_D.
he always told me that unstandard , or whateva , reason .
after time to get better sources and good collector teaching . I found all is fake.
i've ignore all the people and still trusted him .
In the end . my amulet cannot resell in the forum , in thailand , no competition listing , no sammakorm certificate . I've asked for a refund , but he ignore.
Reason given , Genuine !! Asking who said so ..whenever who you have been told to him . The answer is HE IS NOT A THAI , HE DONT KNOW ANYTHING !!

Sincerely deep in the hearts . If u trust of buddha , if u think is genuine.
Why are u worry to refund ? money is more important than a genuine amulet?
a friendship ? finally , he show his darkness heart and banned me in msn , email .
A big quarrel in website of http://www.carilubang.com
a long story about darren , the admin of the website have banned me .
He dont know anything about the website , he only know how to keep a lier in the website to help verify ? or help to keep a translator as a verify ?

Long time been passed after few years .
i've bought alot of books , Learn from the Professional friends.
Learn from the collector from genuines and fakes.
When you know what is Genuine , You know the fakes .
The more amulet u have been see , watch , scope ..its actually easy .

No one can be really 100% to know all kind of amulets .
Its a truth . the previous person who came to my website and make a quarrel .
He said that i know all kind of amulets with very knownledgable and insulting.

From here . I'll tell all the collector and visitor of my blogspot.
I Dont know all amulets , and i only collect amulet which are majority collection.
Most of the brand new amulets are not suitable to me .
I Prefer amulet at least 2530 and before.
Period of 2460-2520 is the best period and most people admire.

The same person said : Im a Amulet Reseller , Or business for Amulets.
Ok . correct , Im a Amulet Reseller . what is the wrong ?
Do i sell fake ? anyone complain ?
Im selling away my amulets is to change more amulets to show to more collector.
Im not getting all amulet and show off to the collector , if it is .
I'll show you my bank book.
If that Business for amulets ? maybe one day , but not for today.
I've my own little business over internet for mobile and I.T
I've my own career aswell with a good income .
If you think that a big problem because of reselling it .
Please dont sell your amulets , and go to forum to scold the others.
Not only me , and the whole thailand . You will have no more amulets after that.
It because no one is selling it anymore in the world .
so cheers , dont upset when i point someone and you think im doing advertisement.
your words really dont harm me , i recieving email and msn daily.
anyway hope we will be friend 1 days , and good luck to your soon collection .
happy chinese new years.

I paid alot of school fees from fake to genuine.
I paid alot of money to buy genuine just to show thailand amulet collector.
I Used my free time to help people to get away from the fake .
Do anyone really thanks me for helping ? yup that is alot ..
comparing of my blog visit . maybe is below of 1%.
I never give up , I hope to show more people the Genuine Amulet .
They can comparing Real and Fake over my website.

Lately a person who making trouble around in facebook .
came to my photo album and say my luang phor parn's somdej phim gai hang sam sen fake. Left a message on my album FAKE , with his 20 years experience .
I strongly Reject him to prove my amulet is genuine.
I passed my amulet to my friend , bring to competition and sammakorm doing cert.
THE ANSWER IS 3rd placing and GENUINE .

Lately , i have bought 3 books .
Luang Phor Pae Wat Pikulthong.
Luang Phor Pan Wat Bangnamkho.
Luang Phu Tim Wat Laharnrai.

Hope the soonest time to get good amulet to share with everyone.

Happy chinese new years .

Admin [amulet-collection.blogspot.com]
BertDeen .