Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Somdej Parn Phim Kai Hang Sam Sen.

Another Pcs of Luang Phor Parn ....Which i have Sold off my 2 lovely previously collected.

Here is the new one to replaces all my beloving Phim Nok and Phim Hanuman lek.

This is the 1 Famous Luang Phor Parn Somdej's Phim Kai Hang Sam Sen .

Some Collector will call it as Phim Gai Hang Sam Sen.

All the 3 Pcs i have been collected is made in years of BE2460.

The Meaning of Phim Gai Hang Sam Sen.

Phim : Model as.

Gai/Kai : Chicken

Hang : Tail

Sam : Three

Sen : Line / Stripe

In a row of Somdej Luang Phor Parn got plenty of animal like bird/fish/garuda/monkey and etc. In the Lucky way , I collected it from my good friend's collector willing to let go from his collection . Appreciate all of this from him to giving a chance for me to collect my in my collection and show up in my website at last.

not much to introduce this .. people saying it will help for money finding , is that true ?

You have to test it , because i dont wear amulet often . As i prefer to collect .