Friday, 15 February 2013

Luang Phu Muerk Wat Prairok Pacharam

LP Muerk was formerly known as Muerk Kong Ma Nee. He was born on Friday, in the year of Rabbit. He is the son of Mr. Kong and Mrs. Daeng Kong Ma Nee. He has 8 sisters and brothers. LP Muerk was born in Pasir Mas, Kelantan, Malaysia. His mother is a sister of LP Kron (Tok Raja), Wat Bangset, Kelantan, Malaysia. LP Muerk is a serious person who is not much of a talking type.

He learned Magic knowledges from LP Kron even before entering monkhood. After he reached a suitable age to enter monkhood, he got ordinate by Phra Kru Giu of Wat Ban Nai who is the preceptor monk and also LP Kron of Wat Bangset himself as his announcer monk.
After the ordination as a monk in BE2467, he resides at Wat Bangset. There he continues studying Sacred Magic knowledge from LP Kron until one point that when he was meditating; his body can be invisible to human eyes. During his stays at Wat Bangset he also helps LP Kron to make early batches of Pidta Nur Phong Kluk Rak which is very popular and very expensive to the present days.
LP Muerk made Pidta amulets between BE2520 - BE2521. He has spent 10 years in collecting various ingredients and sacred material for making this Pidta. Using the collected ingredients, he mixed together the old powder of LP Kron Wat Bangset with the sacred powder of Phra Kru Pai Roj Sad Sa Na Git from Wat Rad Sa Don Sa Mo Sorn who is also a great master in Narathiwat. This powder has been handed down by LP Kron himself to LP Muerk before LP Kron passed away. LP Muerk strictly arrranged ritual according to the tradition way teached by LP Kron. Before starting to mould the Pidta, he arranged an offering of:
  • Pig's Head.
  • Bay Sree (rice offering made from banana leaf).
  • Popped Rice.
  • Different kinds of Flowers.
He then mixed the ingredients together and moulded the Pidta amulet briefly one after another with his own hand personally. After that LP Muerk used a knife to redecorate the Pidta nicely and inscribed the back of each Pidta with Magical letters "Na Ud", in one side there's "Ud Na Lom" and on the other side "Mo Ud". He also fills a Mulberry paper that inscribes with Magical letters "Phra Pha Ka Wam Bodhi" inside each Pidta. Then LP Muerk chanted the Magical katha of "Aong Gan Maha Muen" as the final process. LP Muerk created this Pidta with all his effort and spirit. LP Muerk is a monk who is highly respected as his teacher LP Kron of Wat Bangset.
  • Ingredients for making the Phra Pidta:
  1. Phong Gao (Old Powder) of LP Kron which consists of Phong Pa Tham Mang, Phong I-Thi Je and Phong Ma Ha Raj.
  2. Burned Soil of where LP Kron was cremated.
  3. Ashes of LP Kron Wat Bangset.
  4. Mai Kru of LP Kron that was passed on to LP Muerk.
  5. Ngern Yuang (Pure Silver) from Chang Ngay Mountain, Trang.
  6. Thong Pen from the Mine of Thong To Mo, Narathiwat.
  7. The Nest of Mosquitos found underwater which is naturally good for Maha Ud.
  8. Wua Kon (Ox Horn).
  9. Lemongrass Flowers.
  10. 108 Wahn Rak Pa.

LP Muerk made the Pidta estimated to be less than 1000 pieces. It varies in 3 sizes from Big, Medium and Small due to hand moulded