Friday, 15 February 2013

Luang Phor Toh Pidta Jumbo 2 Pidta

Luang Phor Toh Wat Pradoochimplee Pidta is very famous.

This Pidta named as Pidta Jumbo 2 , or Jumbo Sorng , have 3 kind of material .
Kesorn ( Yellow ) , Bailarn ( Black ) , Phongtoop ( Brown )

The Piece showing above is Jumbo sorng Bailarn soak in holy water ( Chae Na Mon ).
Due to Chae Na Mon , The cover of Bailarn Material became Yellowish like Kesorn .

Its come with Sammakorm Certificated and Originally Temple Casing Attached .
With the Unworn Pieces are rare to see in the market .

Its good to own Pidta by Luang Phu Toh .  I personally collected 4 of his pidta and sold it away and lost 1 of it by my family member .  Now the price comparing of the 5 years ago. price like double to triple.. hard to find a good condition .

Within the same era .. i still love Luang Phu Muerk Wat Pairok Pacharam.
If i come across again , i'll share to everyone.

Happy chinese new year to all my collector friends.