Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Somdej Wat kao dak kao 1st batch

This is Somdej wat kao dak kao condiser TOP 1 somdej in the phetburi province .

BE 2512 mass chanted and invited all among the era , powerful and abbot monk in thailand are all chanting in this batch ..this is famous in Thailand ..

However , Luang Phor Daeng Wat Khao bandai - it , is 1 of the famous monk in phetburi .and he is also go to this ceremony to chant this SOMDEJ Sadungkup .

The abbot for Wat Kao Dak Kao is Luang phor kao dak kao . if i never make a mistake it should be the same as the temple name .

well many soil and powder mixture from some old somdej broken pcs around phetburi and also some material which maybe i do not know have been enter.

Most of the book of Phra onk Champ .. Champ book from competition will be showing this .

Somdej Sadungkup 1st batch . BE 2512 is this ..
The above picture are belong to my friend MR.Khai. (kedah)
3rd placing in competition condition showing.