Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Luang Phu Tim - Wat Laharnrai 2518 Khunpaen

The above picture which i have shown is from Luang Phu tim Wat Laharn rai.

The different of 1st batch and 2nd batch years are 2517 and 2518 .

My pcs above are 2nd batch made in 2518 . The famous Khunpaen in Majority Top 1.

The Khunpaen are made with Phong prai kumarn and certain holy powder.

a very strong metta which have been told around the collector what is putim prai kumarn khunpaen ? Yes , its do ..

The above pcs are with pink meat (powder colour) , Gold paste and also gold foil .

Why this pcs are come with gold foil ?

when i have been told from my friend and asked the kamakarm or sian yai . which i have forgotten who are em' .

The Gold foil series in the market should no more than 50 pcs cause due to the time of 2517 /18 the devotee or follower from putim bring it to let him chanted 1 more time , and putim use to put a gold foil only on the khunpaen body ..

a niyom pcs which i have collects for putim ..i like it very much .

Hope the photo can lead u guys to view what is 2518 genuine mould ..