Sunday, 11 January 2009

Namman Prai Oil – Add Great Love from Opposite Sex (AJ Neng PraiThong, Thai Amulet)

Holy Strong Prai Oil – Add Great Love from Opposite Sex!!

Name: Namman Prai From: AJ Neng PraiThong

Size: 4 cm x 5.5 cmYear: C.E.2008 (2551)

Color: YellowMaterial: Oil of dead body from cemeteries
Origin: ThailandCeremony: Arjarn made ceremony in cemeterie

Power: People believe that this Namman have powerful to securing good fortune in business affairs and love to the owner.

Biography of AJ Neng : Arjarn Neng PraiThong is a guru layman who makes great metta products. He is deep knowledge of Visha (Magic) of making efficacious “Na Ok Tag” amulet from teacher “Tow Wieng Sa Wan” who created style of Na Ok Tag amulets of Lao. Arjarn Neng met his teacher when he was a monk and whet or Tudong to Lao.Regarding to make this spirit, many Arjarn Neng’s disciple request his to make this magic oil for protection them.