Sunday, 11 January 2009

Namman Prai Nang Kruan - Ajahn Sarieng

Namman Prai Nang Kruan - Made following Ancient Khmer Magic Knowledge

Temple Name : Namman Prai Nang Kruan = this charming oil have power to help person who have problem about love.

From: AJ Sarieng MuangSurinMaterial: Oil of dead body from cemeteries and tied with black thread
Year: C.E. 2008 (B.E. 2551)

Thailand Ceremony: Arjarn made and blessed this charming oil follow his guru Kramer master. Powerful: this charming oil is especially powerful securing good fortune in business affairs and love to the owner.

Biography of Arjarn Sarieng MuangSurin:

AJ Sarieng MuangSurin is knowledge of Visha (black magic) and has been studied the art of making efficacious charming amulets from many guru Kramer mastersHe is one of the top guru masters who have reputation for his proficient in Khmer magic and Buddhist dharma. He is well-known among amulet collectors. Arjarn Sarieng had made many charming amulet to his disciples since he was ordained. Many disciples fulfill about love from his amulet.