Monday, 9 December 2013

Luang Phu Ngern Wat Baaklan , Phaya Tao 2460.

Luang Phu Ngern Wat Baanklan , Phijit BE2460
Placing 4th in competition , but I personally believe this is a champion pieces
Already granted with 1 samakorm competition cert on NOV 2013.
One of the top TAO in Thailand after ranking by the Luang Phu Sook Wat Makamtao.

The one of the welcome kuernlang which bring Luck to Business and money where everyone believe. As my personal believe too , this is why I kept my 2nd piece and looking forward for the third piece .

The material of the first and 2nd piece (this piece) have the similar material as the 2460 Rooplor and Joblek or Jobyai .

If you have other material and other phim where is not similar materialize.

I'll partially start to new amulet on my year 2015 .

So we can meet more people and friend to learn new and old sooner and later . however my personal still like 2440-2480 era amulet.