Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Luang Phu Tim (Putim) Loop Om BE2517 Wat Laharn Rai

Hello , Everyone .. Lately Very Busy of Working to Save MORE Money to Keep Better and Solid Thailand Amulets .

The Above 3 Pcs have Rarely seen in the market , Its From Luang Phu Tim Wat Laharn Lai .

Sooner Later , I'll try to take a photo from the hardcover book which have the photo of this Loop om from Wat Laharnrai i bought Previously .

The Loop Om come with 2 Takrut and 2 Kassa , the Most wonder is have a chop (3) on top

They Claimed to said in the loop om have 4 chop of (3) , but however its already inside the gold case when i bought . I do not have time yet to view , as i already put the 3 pcs in my friend house for 3 months ++ ..in the photo it only show 2 only >. < !

Well , This 3 Pcs already bring to Bangkok Verified and Comparison to some Expertise to CONFIRM its Chanted by Putim . This is why i show to the collector. As i stayed in Hong Kong Last time , Alot of player nowadays are keeping this . I believe , the Very soon will be in Malaysia Aswell . Same to Wat Don Phra Phrom so Famous in thailand and Hong kong , NOW only we see so far no more than 5 collector in malaysia kept .

I'll organize my time to update my blogspot . ( Very sorry to all the Visitor of my Blog)

The Next update soon will be Luang Phor Ngern Wat Bang Klaan Amulet..Stay Tune With Me.