Monday, 7 February 2011

Ajhan Chum Chaikiri First Batch Bucha BE2519

2 month later...
Finally i took my DSLR at night to Capture the BUCHA of ACHAN CHUM CHAIKIRI.

The very First Batch of Achan Chum Chaikiri Bucha .
Made in years of BE 2519 with Material of the temple Main Shrine with Resin together.
It have brass material (LOHA , Speak in thai) its even expensive.

1 of my bucha ajhan chum is done with lacquer top .
its should be rare ? im not sure , but its garantee original.
Maybe we call it Roon Phisek . ; )

The bottom of the 4 pcs have different hole design . what its actually underneath .
It could be empty or maybe filled with some old material or amulet .
I never try to open it , cause it cover with the original smooth cloth for display use purpose to prevent the scratches.

Well. Nowadays its not easy to find a really good bucha from chanted by the monk personally , mostly is a temple remake or disciple remake .
This batch is chanted with Luang Phor Kong , Achan moon and other wat khao or which close to ajhan chum.

Hope u guys enjoy my new collection.