Monday, 13 December 2010

Somdej Rakhang Langkon Nur Samrit 2453-2457

Somdej Rakhang Langkon of Wat Rakhang Kositaram.

(History of Somdej Rakhang Langkon Nur Samrit)
Somdej Rakhang Lang Kon is also known as Phra Somdej Nur Loha Phasom.
It is small in size and handy. Well proven for protection against dangers, invulnerable to body harm, full protection against evil & magical charms, securing good metta and luck in business and personal life.

This is the very 1st batch Somdej Loha that Wat Rakhang had created. Distribute to the public between 2453-57 and again in 2470. Best of miracles and experiences by all wearer. Most sought by veteran Thai collectors in Thailand. It was built by Somdet Phra Phut Kosajan Yannachan Thamahathen (Ja Rern I Sa Rang Kun Na Ayutthaya) in between 2453-2457.

Plenty brass metal sheet were sent out to various great master monks of the era to inscribe it with magical words just like the building of Phra Putta Chinnaraj Indonchine which was built by Rama V and enshrined at the ordination hall in Wat Benjamobhophit. Somdej Langkon consisted of Nur Thonglueng, Nur Samrid & Nur Mekasit which is rarely found.

A total of 60 thailand greatest monks were invited to participate in the ritual ceremony at Wat Rakhang Kositaram:
1) LP Prink Wat Bang Phakok
2) LP Plit Wat Kamphaeng
3) LP Phum Wat Bang Klo
4) LP Phuang Wat Gok, Grom Ma Luang Chin Wor Ra Si Ri Wat
5) LP Soo Wat Nak Prok
6) LP Say Wat In Tha Ra Ram (Tai)
7) LP Jai Wat Sadet
8) LP Kong Wat Bang Gra Prom
9) LP Boi Wat Chong Lom
10) LP Plian Wat Tai
11) LP Chui Wat Kong Ka Ram
12) LP Tha Wat Pha Niang Taek
13) LP Boon Wat Glang Bang Gaew
14) LP Nong Wat Klong Ma Dan
15) Phra Sang Wa Ra Nu Wong Ten (Chum) Wat Rad Cha Sit Tha Ram (Wat Plub)
16) Som Dej Phra Phut Tha Jaan (Nuam) Wat A Nong Ka Ram
17) LP Kai Wat Cherng Len
18) LP SooWat Pak Klong Ma Kham Tao
19) LP Doem Wat Nong Pho and many others

(The ritual of building Phra Somdej Langkon (Hammer Batch):) Collecting brass sheet from various great master monks from Thonburi kingdom and up-country for inscribe an occult number (Lek Yan). Then all sheets were melted. Then pour as Buddha items than saw off in branch from the mass core (Gaen Cha Nuan) and saw off in bar that in rectangle shape.
After saw off as bunch, each amulet will stick together that have to cut off in junction of it and than using hammer to tap each amulet separated.
From this process, the name Rakhang Lang Kon” was named. Please noted that some of the amulet will have damage mark resulting from hammer and hand polishing.

The Features: Buddha image sit in meditation posture on 2-storey seat inside overarch glasses. The head of sitting buddha is Prok Pho. The appearance as round seed (Med Grom) encircle head like as Prok Pho that has a flat type.
Diamond cut or raise back type are seen but rarely find including some with magical writing at back.

1) none decorate or polishing type, 1 baht for rental. (Unfurnished type)
2) Decorate and polishing type, 2 baht for rental. (Furnished type to let it look nicer)

All funds gather from renting out this amulet are use for restoring the ordination hall and a sermon hall at Wat Rakhang Kositaram.

Attached with Sammakom Certificate of Authentication.