Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Luang Phor Zhai Wat Sadet 2nd Batch 2496 Rian

The Luang Phor Zhai Wat Sadet , Samutsongkram Province.
Above is the 2nd batch rian , "Wheel of fortune style .."
lucky coming all the way , 12 pidta to Proctection ..look to be cool

However the looks is nothing to be compare .

we have to compare the power of the monk against to the other monk , (hehe)

Luang Phor Jai or Zhai are the same monk abbot of Wat Sadet .

The 1st batch rian is made of 2470 and 2nd batch will be 2496 ..

there is a 3rd batch after 250x or 251x i have no idea ..

Trying to find the monk photo in any forum for sharing about him

Good luck for Collections . This pcs now are belong to my friend - Mr.Stanley (Kuala Lumpur)