Monday, 3 March 2008

Chao Khun Nor

Chao Koon Nor-ra-rath Choa Kon Norn was born on 5th February AD 1897. He got the certificate in Public Administration and practiced as a messenger for pseudomilitary organization.
This practice was the turning point for him from the aim to work as government officer to become court official in the King Vachiravut. The King trusted in him very much and appointed him to become "Praya Norrarattana Ratchamanit" that means "the great person that the king admire". Being a royal official for ten years, he worked with his highest gratefulness, diligent, honor, and loyal. As once he used to say that he could "die for the King".
Finally, he ordained for the king's funeral. He was a priest until he passed away. As a priest, he was a very strict to the Dharma principle He was a pure person that rarely priest can be. Thai Buddhism adores him as 'The real priest' who was unambition, and great in gratitude.