Wednesday, 20 February 2008

龍波斑大師 (Luang Phor Parn )

"LP PHAN" ordain name was "Soh-nan-toh" was the 3rd abbot of "Wat Nom Koh" temple. He was borned on 16th July BE2418 in Ayuttayah province, Thailand And was die on 26 July 1938 at the age of 63 years old.After he became a monk, LP Pahn also learned from "LP Niem" of Wat Noi and "LP Nong" from Wat Kongmahdan. Both these teachers were very skillful in MAGIC and Meditation skills especially the skills to cure people from illness and black magic (during that period, there were very few doctors, so some monks learned this skill of curing the sick). After finish learn LP Pahn also cured many people in the village of sickness and black magic. Anyone who went to his temple would not be disappointed and would be quickly cured of their illness or from black magic spells. LP PHAN will made and used holy water and herbs gathered from mountains, together with his magic power to cure the people. The valuable magic of him still inside his amulet forever. If you know the story of Luang Por Pahn, you will know that Luang Por Pahn was a monk that many people respected because he was able to re-build 41 temples and many chanting halls without asking any help from the government. The money were from the making of amulets and donations from devotees.